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Proven Baby Massage Technique to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night

On TikTok, a certified infant massage instructor shared proven simple technique  which helps babies sleep the whole night through and parents aren’t shying away from praising her. 

Parents to newborns know the true value of a full night sleep as they keep getting up for nappy and the unhappy baby. 

Photo: Kahlmi/ TikTok

However, a mum and certified massage instructor, Elina Furman shared a simple yet effective  massage technique you can use to put your baby to sleep.

In a video clip on TikTok, she explained how you can get your baby to sleep through the night. On her content about parenting, Elina has already racked up almost one million likes including over 100K likes on this video. The CEO of Kahlmi(specializes in baby massage), demonstrated how to massage each part of your baby’s body to fully relax them and send the baby off to sleep.

Demonstrating on a dummy baby, she gently used her hands in circular motion around the face from the forehead to the chin, before moving down to the chest repeating the same method of massaging.

Elina explained that you should massage your baby’s belly to help alleviate gas, clockwise for constipation or anticlockwise if the baby is suffering from diarhoea.

Next, she moved on to the baby’s arms then the hands and feet, gently kneading the skin to help the baby relax. 

One of the parents commented: “I do this every night to my 4m old and she sleeps all night.”

Another viewer said: “If only my baby would stay still.”

“Love this mama. Thank you,” commented another parent.

When asked if the massage needs to be performed every day, Elina said: “Yes. It sets a routine and the baby is more amenable to it over time.”

Elina also responded to a question: “How long should I massage my baby?” to which she replied saying: “Start 10 mins and work up to 20.”