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Taiwan : Your Dream Vacation Come True

While this may not reflect in most of the mainstream vacation hotspots, Taiwain is one place that’ll show you a jolly good time!.

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About Taiwan

Taiwan is a tiny Asian island on the East China Sea. It is recognized as part of the Republic of China. Other neighboring countries near Taiwan include the Philippines and Japan.

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Interesting things to note: Taiwan has recognized same-sex marriages as legal. 32 new Taiwan Dollars equal 1 USD. The island boasts of Michellin Star restaurants and mind blowing street food.

What to do in Taiwan

While it sure is great to take a city by storm and see how plans unfold, having a list of best things to do will just make it easier. When you pack bags for Taiwan, make sure you bask in the glory of these places. Also, regarding how many days you should spend in Taiwan; it’s suggested you take a nice long vacation of at least 2 weeks to fully immerse into the cultural heritage the island has to offer.

Ho Ping Island
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For the best sunset photos for your instagram page, ho Ping island is the spot for you!.

Fo Guang Shan Buddha Museum

This museum was opened in 2011 and boasts of one of Buddhism’s most prized relics, Buddha’s teeth.

Jiufen’s Shuqi Road
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If you’re a die hard Studio Ghibli fan, this location is about to amaze. the very spitting image of the sights in Spirited Away, this is one place that will leave you feeling sublime.

The Lantern Festival
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Celebrated in the northern area of Pingxi, the lantern festival is a 2 week grand celebration of Taiwanese culture; this is part of the Chinese new year celebrations.

Taroko National Park

Sharp green cliffs cloaked in the emerald green waters of taroko Gorge. This is one breathtaking site you must not miss.

Rainbow Village
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This beautiful village was revamped and covered in art roof to bottom by a 96 year old artist, Huang Yung-Fu. This is a sight you must not miss. And if you’re lucky, you might just catch a glimpse of the artist touching up his masterpiece.

When to visit Taiwan

Taiwan has four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autum and Winter. While It’s amicable to travel here during most of the year, there are seasonal typhoons that hit the island which is best avoided.Torrential downpours occur in the time between June to September.
Speaking of the time you can visit Taiwan, check out the information below:


Spring: March to May,(20-25°C)

Things you can do: Bask in cherry blossoms, hiking and visiting national parks.

Important holidays: April 5- Tomb Sweeping Day, busy public transport, State wide holiday.

Summer: June to September (also typhoon season, 30°C and higher)         . hot and humid.

Things you can do: Taiwan International Balloon Festival, Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival, Dragon Boat Festival and more.

Autumn: Considered the best time to visit Taiwan, cool temperatures and pleasant climate.

Things you can do: Sightseeing, Birdwatching, Moon festival and more.

Winter: Mild climate, frost and snow free, pleasant, minimum temperatures of 10°C.

Things you can do : Christmasland, Taipei 101 and Chinese New Year towards the end of the season.

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