8 Toxic Signs You Are Self-Sabotaging Your Relationship

Do all your relationships fail early in time? Have you had no success in keeping your relationship alive lately? If your answer to these questions is yes, chances are you are unknowingly (or knowingly) sabotaging your relationships.

You may not even realize it but we could be held responsible for setbacks in our love lives. How? You might be doing one (or more) these things listed below to sabotage your relationships. If you are desperate and want to work it out with someone, then you have got to stop this toxic behavior right away which is letting you from finding the love of your life instead of self-doubt creep in your mind.

1. Ignoring Red Flags

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This is the number one way in the book ‘how to sabotage a relationship’ –  ignoring the red flags. Nobody is as cool as they seem to be. Their true nature remains hidden beneath their cool facade which you tend to ignore in the early days of a relationship because everything is lovey-dovey right now. However, ignoring these issues in your partner can come biting in your ass later. Therefore, it is better to recognize these deal breakers early in the issue and call it quits for your sake.

2. Having Too Many Expectations

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Get this! No relationship is perfect. So, stop have unrealistic expectations. The problem is that all these romantic books and movies have ruined the real concept of love and relationships for us. Following these, we create an ideal image in our minds about how our relationship is supposed to look. Here is where things begin to crumble. People sabotage their relationships because they have too many expectations from their partners which, even for them, is so difficult to overcome. So, give them a break.

3. Comparing Your Dates To Others

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Another way people self-sabotage their relationships is by comparing their situations to others. No relationship is equal. No person is the same. If you compare your relationship with others, that makes you a toxic person. That’s all the toxicity people need to self-sabotage relationship. Don’t ignore all the good things about your own relationship. In case you didn’t know, other people may also feel jealous of your relationship because guess what? The grass is always greener on the other side.

4. Still Hung Up On Your Ex

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If you need ideas for how to sabotage a relationship, then you can still be hung up on your ex. One of the reasons why no relationship has not been able to work out is because you still have not moved on from your last relationship. You have got to get out of denial, accept the reality, and close that chapter for good. Your ex is not coming back. So, stop ruining your love life. Give love a chance once again. Maybe, you will find someone better this time. Or maybe, you already have but you are still occupied in the thoughts of your ex.

5. Having So Many Rules

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Do you have a set of rules for everything in life, even love? Creating boundaries are fine but don’t be so uptight about them. You don’t need help on how to sabotage a relationship if you already have made your relationship suffocating by setting too many rules and unnecessary boundaries. Let yourself loose a bit and just go with the flow.

6. Continuing Things With Your Rebound

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Okay! Rebound is helpful when you have just had a breakup and you want to get over your ex but it should not mean you go back to your rebound every time you feel lonely. That feeling of being wanted can paralyze you from having an actual relationship. It is a major setback. Guys sabotage relationships by going back to their rebound the minute things go south. This is unhealthy and you may be stuck in this loop forever if you don’t get out of it sooner.

7. Serial Dating

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The main reason why people self-sabotage relationships are that they don’t settle on one person. In this era where you can find a new date with the right swipe, people have increased their base. These dating apps have made it difficult for us to commit and settle because we think the next one might be ‘the one’ without taking a chance with the current person whom you have just swiped right.

8. Calling It Quits

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If you have not had any luck recently, that does not mean you will take retirement from the dating world. Don’t lose heart too soon. Take every date an opportunity to learn and improve yourself. Yes, dating can be tiring but if you do it right, it does not have to be so daunting. Relentlessly work on yourself and the right person will find you.



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