Stuck In An Unwanted Arranged Marriage Setup?  Here’s A Way Out!

In India parents forcing their offspring to marry when they turn 25+ is a common practice. Some people refute whereas some agree to go ahead with the decision. 

In the whole process of filtration and selection sometimes it becomes difficult to say NO to arranged prospects you really hate.

Here’s What You Can Do To Turn A Yes Into A “NO”

1) During your first meeting, make sure to eat everything you have on the table, and when he questions you why then simply talk about how you’re practicing for pregnancy.

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2) Or maybe just don’t eat anything at all and speak about the weird ideology of how eating any kind of food is basically murder it.

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3) Tell them marriage isn’t your priority, you don’t really care about relationships and marriage because “Meri dulhan toh azadi hai.

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4) You may also try discussing your main purpose in life (which is aimlessness) and you lack interest in usual human pursuits, like getting a job, because relaxing is your full-time job.

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5) Talk about how virginity is so an old-fashioned phenomenon but you’ll settle for vanilla sex because that’s one thing all sanskari people are capable of anyway.

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6) Tell them you wish to have two children — both daughters — just so that you can name them “Siri” and “Alexa”.

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7) Talk about how they speak, smell, and breathe like your ex and then pretend to cry like a psycho.

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8) Talk about your cooking skills and then reveal the time when your friends got food poisoning after eating your hand-cooked food.

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9) Let them know you’re a cocktail connoisseur and how you intend to move in and redecorate their living room as a restro


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10) Tell him that Tinder is the app that drains the most significant amount of battery on your phone.

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11) Pretend to space out in the middle of the conversation, make him feel that you aren’t paying attention to what he is saying. 

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12) Tell him that your idea of a “joint family” is one that 420% believe in passing the joint.

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