Dad Shares ‘Genius’ Hack to Make Son Take Meds Without Tantrums

A dad decided to help other parents as he took his ‘genius’ hack of getting his 2-year-old boy to take medicines to Facebook. Apparently, all it takes is a bit of “reverse psychology”. 

We all know how difficult it is to get kids to take meds. Either they spit it out making disgusted faces or just refuse to take it.

Fortunately, a dad shared the trick he uses to get his little boy take meds without tantrums.

The dad shared how his toddler hated taking his meds until he got introduced to a superb game-changing hack.

Photo: Facebook

Using a little bit of “reverse psychology”, the boy happily takes his meds without giving it a second thought. Moreover, he now seems to enjoy it.

The dad took shared the hack in Facebook’s Family Lockdown Tips & Ideas group where parents praised him for his creativity.

The dad said: “So my 2-year-old son hated to take his meds! And I found the best way to do it!!!! Hahahah.

“I pretend to not know what to do and I let him show me. No tantrums no dramas yayyyyy.”

Photo: Facebook

The post has already garnered over 900 likes and many comments from fellow parents praising the useful parenting hack.

One of the comments said: “Absolutely brilliant and wonderful parenting.”

Another group member commented: “Haha this is exactly what I had to do with my little girl to get her to take medication worked wonders and ever since no problems.”

“Brilliant. Reverse physiology at its finest. Touché!” another comment stated.