COVID-19 Safety Guide: How To Stay Safe While Eating Out In Restaurants

Most of us have already started ordering food deliveries and many of us have also started eating out. But no matter how bored you might be after eating homemade food for months, food from outside still has its dangers and risks when it comes to Coronavirus.

Here’s how you can minimize the risk of catching Coronavirus, and keep yourself safe while eating out:

How far should you sit from everyone else?

Common guidelines say that the distance should be six feet, but this is based on old data that considers how far the virus can travel via droplets in the air.

It says that the virus droplets usually settle down on the ground after travelling six feet in the air, but it turns out that if someone sneezes then they can spread the virus for as far as 30 feet.

Even talking can spread the virus to a considerably far distance.

If you are in a closed room or a poorly ventilated space, then the particles can spread throughout the room.

How to know if a particular restaurant is safe to eat in?

People working in restaurants, such as waiters and chefs, can reduce the risk of spreading infection by wearing masks. But as long as there are customers eating and talking there, there is a considerable risk.

A better way would be to cover each table with plexiglass or screens and make sure that there is only one waiter assigned to each table.

Another safe strategy would be to screen people before they enter the restaurant by checking their fever and other symptoms.

How to know if the plates and tables in restaurants are safe?

Be sure that your plates, glasses and other utensils in the restaurants will be free of the virus since dishwashing with a detergent kills the virus effectively.

But you need to make sure that your table and seating area is cleaned and disinfected before you sit in to eat. Ask for disposable menu or get the plastic menus sterilized before you touch them.

Don’t touch any part of your face after touching any unfamiliar object that you are not sure is disinfected or not. Sanitize your hands every time before you touch your face.

Can you get the virus by eating the food?

Food cannot really give you the infection, and the chances of you getting Coronavirus from food is very low.

You cannot catch Coronavirus by eating food, because it’s a respiratory virus and you will get it only when it gets in your lungs or nose. If it gets in your digestive system, it will cause no harm at all.

And most of the food is cooked at high temperature, which already kills the virus.

Is it safer to eat in an outdoor space or ordering take-out?

Sitting in an outdoor space is actually much safer than sitting in a closed space. Open ventilation often disperses the virus and prevents it from spreading.

And when you do get takeout food, make sure you sanitize the boxes and packaging. Your food is absolutely safe, don’t worry.


Featured Image Courtesy: CNN