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VIDEO: How To Stay Productive While Working From Home Due to COVID-19

You miss stepping out of your home, right? Admit it, you do. Since the outbreak of the deadly virus COVID-19, you’ve been advised to practice social distancing and stay within the four walls of your home. It has ended up in complete lockdown and you working from home. Working from home sounds easy but who knew that it will drive you up the walls.

Self-quarantine is the need of the hour, there is no getting away from it but only you can turn things around and give it a twist. There is no doubt that you’re feeling bored, distracted, lonely but I’m here to help you with that by giving you insight into how to stay productive while you work from home.


Stick to your normal work routine

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First and foremost, stick to your normal routine. Now that you don’t have to commute to work, you save time. Don’t fall for your natural instincts, wake up on time and fire up your laptop on time, one thing being common, ‘on time’. Follow it diligently or you might end up giving up to laziness and missing deadlines.

Choose a separate working corner

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No, not on the bed! Pick a place in your home where you can work peacefully, apart from the bed you sleep in. Stay out of your comfort zone else you might doze off because of those heavy eyelids. If you want to feel motivated and need a push then while you set your working space, surround yourself with things that you usually keep around in your office table.

Stay away from distractions

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Do you have kids at home? Is a member of your family talking loudly? There might be a lot of distractions when you’re working from home, it will break the flow of your work which might leave you feeling irritated. Tackle it smartly, work from your own room and ask people around you to not disturb you. Dealing with kids can be tricky, what you can do is engage them in activities like reading, drawing or dancing and they won’t bother you with their silly pranks.

Don’t forget to relax

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Lie down and relax! You might lose track of time while working dedicatedly at the comfort of your home. Long sitting hours, the posture you work in are all going to affect your health sooner or later. Remind yourself to shut down the laptop and take a short break whenever you feel like you’re stretching it. At the end of the day get proper sleep so that you wake up the next day, fresh and full of energy.

They work! Yes, they do. Practice them and feel the change as now you know that’s how you stay productive while you’re on duty at home.



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