VIDEO: Four Easy & Fun Things You Should Do During Self-Quarantine

Like it or not, you’re in self-quarantine and now you have the one thing you always craved for, time. You can use it wisely or simply waste it but no matter what you do it’ll pass. Then why not make the most of it when you’re gifted with the most important thing of life. If you’re wondering what to do with all that time in hand, then I’ll take you through the 4 activities that you can do during self-quarantine.


Exercise and meditate

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Breathe in, breathe out! Push away laziness and prepare a daily routine of exercise and meditation, be it in the evening or in the morning. Turn that quiet corner of your home into your workout space and indulge in activities that calm your body and mind. Nurture your physical and mental health now that you have all the time in the world.


Read books

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Books don’t judge you, right? Remember that book you always wanted to read but couldn’t or that book you left halfway through, now is the time to curl up on the couch with a cup of coffee and hold that book again in your hands. If you’re feeling lonely then grab a book that interests you, as they have proven to be a great companion and who knows it might unlock your imagination and bring forth a new side of yours. There are people who find reading a bit too much, well then, what are audiobooks for? Just listen to them!      


Turn on your creative side

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Do different things and do things differently. There is a hidden talent inside each one of us, you just need to uncover them. Open your heart, keep an open eye and dive into activities that make you feel alive. Wipe off the dust and hold that guitar, record your first song, write your heart out, cook a new dish and learn to do things that fulfil your soul and spirit. 


Binge-watch your favourite shows

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Watch them all, in one go! Binge watch the series that you and your friends have been talking about, it’ll keep you hooked and away from all the chaos. The entertainment apps have all kinds of series dealing in different genres which are exciting enough to keep you up all night long. Unwind yourself and watch episode after episode when you know that you don’t need to wake up early the next day.

Now you know how to find yourself while you’re in self-quarantine and how to smartly tackle the feeling of loneliness. In these challenging times, you go and find your strengths. Try it all out and see what works for you!  



Featured Image Courtesy: Ellie Louise