Siri Interrupts Reporter During News Program, Disagrees With Him

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Skynet hath risen! The way science fiction writers had warned us about is finally here – a machine just had its first disagreement and probably the first verbal spat with a human.

During a weather forecast on BBC, meteorologist Tomasz Schafernaker was talking about a weather forecast in US when his Apple Watch spoke up and contradicted him. BBC shared a video that has been going viral and is leaving people in splits.

Here you can watch the video: 

Tomasz was talking about snow in Minneapolis and Denver when Siri on his Apple Watch suddenly spoke up and said there is no snow in the forecast.

“Did you just trigger that!” the news anchor asked Tomasz. But he just laughed and said, “it was listening to what I was saying” and then said to the camera, “Apologies for that — that was not part of the plan.”

Although on the screen behind him, snow could be seen clearly.

He couldn’t keep himself from laughing out loud, and then he said that the watch might not know the exact location that he was talking about.

How did Siri speak on her own?

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As Tomasz pointed out in a post on Twitter that he didn’t actually activate Siri but it might have been activated by the “Raise to Speak” option that was enabled.

There are many ways that Siri can be activated on your Apple Watch, you can press and hold the Digital Crown, or you can raise your wrist to say “Hey Siri”, although the latest updates along with watchOS 5 and Apple Watch Series 3 do not need you to say anything. You can just raise your hand and Siri will wake itself up. That’s precisely what happened with this reporter.

The video has been going viral ever since.

Here are some reactions from Twitter

While someone took a dig at the whole thing: 

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Featured Image Courtesy: BBC

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