Simple Make-up Hacks To Make Your Life Less Complicated

With countless makeup products and formulations available out there, choosing something simple can be a daunting task. And if you’re an amateur who has just stepped into this beautiful world, trust us it’s a whole new climb. We know how hard makeup can be for beginners and despite all those makeup tutorials on the internet, sometimes all you need are some easy & quick hacks that will make your life simpler.

So, Here’s A List Of Hacks That Can Bring Out The Natural Glow Of Your Skin

1) Keep your skin hydrated at all times

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The first and foremost step is to discover your skin type, it’s important to know whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination of both. The very next step is to choose a cream that suits your skin as it is crucial to keep your skin moisturized all the time.
Along with the cream, you need to keep a tab on your water intake. So, you should drink as much water as you can to keep your skin hydrated.

2) Choose a foundation that blends well with your skin tone

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It’s a very basic & known tip but people still tend to choose the wrong foundation color which in turn affects their makeup badly and their face color ends up looking very different from their body color.
The purpose of the foundation is to even out your skin and hide light scars on your skin. The best way to choose the correct color is to test it on your face instead of testing it on your hand. If the foundation blends well with your skin then only you should use it.

3) Avoid using concealer

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Concealer usually comes in a lighter tone (undertone) of that of your skin color and hence instead of camouflaging it rather highlights your imperfections (dark circles, major scars, etc.)

4) Use your index finger after applying mascara instead of an eyelash curler

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Instead of getting fascinated by complicated makeup equipment, you should keep things natural. Once you apply the mascara let it dry for a few secs and then just push your lashes up and keep them there for a moment and release. This way your you won’t only serve the purpose but will also end up getting better results.

5) Use a blush that’s similar to your skin tone

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The sole purpose of a blush is to add a natural glow to your skin. It comes in both powder and cream form, so you may choose it as per your preference. In the case of powder do not apply the blush too much as it may end up giving a dry look to your face. And in the case of cream, it is not meant to be applied like a usual moisturizer. The shade needs to be similar to your natural cheek color when you blush. This will work for your daily look for but at parties or weddings, you may choose brighter shades.

6) Eat healthily and just be your amazing self

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Along with all the outer products, it is extremely important to stay healthy both physically and mentally hence you need to watch out for your diet and eat food that is nutritious and keeps you mentally sane and confident.


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