Simple And Easy Ways To Remove Holi Color From Skin

All hail the festival of colors. Holi is here and we’re obviously excited! All that water, colors and what not being thrown around. You can say it’s one of those days where everyone becomes their inner kid.

Holi is truly remarkable, because it seamlessy brings people together. Setting aside all the obvious things are are stunning about Holi, most are left with itchy stained skin post the celebration.

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It’s not just your skin, Holi effects other parts of the body like hair and eyes too. When you’re not careful enough, these ailments can become really troublesome. The color stain generally doesn’t fade away easily. This is true especially of chemical colors.

Holi 101

There are two types of colors used during Holi. One, dry colors. Two, wet colors. Dry colors are basically sold in the form of a fine powder. Wet colors are made by mxing pigment in water. Both types of Holi colors stain deeply.

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If you don’t want to walk around looking like an oompa-Loompa cross smurf hybrid post Holi, this is for you.

Remove holi colour from skin easily by:

#1 Prepping your skin

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That’s right. Oiling your skin and hair before the celebrations helps take off Holi color from skin easily. The oil basically forms a barrier between your skin and the color’s pigment. Thus, helping you in easily removing the stain. Also , oiling your skin and hair preserves your skin’s moisture even long after Holi. If you miss this step, you’re in for some really dry and chapped pigmented skin post Holi.


Also, quick note: apply a double or triple coating of oil on the exposed areas of your body. Wear loose and comfortable clothes that cover you to the maximum.

#2 Washing yourself

Given that you’ve followed the first step, it’s going to be easy to remove Holi color from skin. Just gently wash away the color. In case you still see pigment on your body, run a slice of lemon over it. It helps in bleaching and pulling out the unwanted pigment.


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Do not immediately resort to using a soap. Only use mild soaps and shampoos after you’ve thoroughly rinsed yourself. Also if you’ve been smeared with dry colors, please dust them off your hand with a brush or sponge first. Using water to clean it will only make it stain your skin deeper.


#3 Removing stubborn pigment from your skin and hair
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Lastly, if unwanted pigment seems to persist on your skin, use warm coconut or almond oil to remove it. Take a soft cotton ball, soak it in warm oil and rub it on the pigmented part of your body. It’s best to go about gently as excessive rubbing will cause dryness and irritation.


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To de-stain your hair, just grab a medium lemon and a cup of yoghurt. Make a hair pack using, one tablespoon of lemon juice and a cup of curd. Post using this pack, make sure you use a mild shampoo to wash it off.



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