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She’ll Be Impressed For Sure: Best Gifts For Her On The First Date

What do you do when you have a date with the girl of your dreams?. Well, of course, give her the experience of a lifetime you may say. Given these wonderful fantasies of sweeping her off her feet, starting with the first step may be intimidating. Person to person, let me tell you that the best gift you can give a girl on the first date is yourself. Not in a cheesy way; rather, just being a fun person to spend time with.


If you’re the kind of guy thinking of gifting your lady on the first date, I think you’re already a gentleman. There’s nothing better than a man who knows how to treat his woman. Chivalry never ages tires or dies. Pat yourself on the back if this is you. Gentlemen are rare these days.
Before we jump into gift ideas, here’s a small briefer on what women truly love on their first date. Person to person, this is what I’ve observed personally in life. I bare these truths in the hope to help you on your first date.

It’s your first date, here’s what she probably expects

We love it when men open doors for us. When they offer to pay the bill (though we would rather split it, Equality is sexy.) I have to admit though; most women like the feeling of having a man confident enough to provide for her. Call it nature, instincts, or just plain female psychology. Women are attracted to men who can provide. It subconsciously communicates to her that you’ll be willing to provide for any children that may arise. It’s a very evolutionary thing, something neither men nor women can change. Of course, even if you aren’t the richest dude in town, you being a confident, understanding, and responsible man in her eyes is enough to impress her.


On a side note: Please don’t confuse this with gold diggers, there’s a huge difference. We’ll cover that on another day. So when it comes down to paying the bill, don’t be scared of saying you’re having a cash crunch, the right woman will applaud you for being brave, to tell the truth. If you can do whatever you can in your power to contribute, that’s enough. It’s your intention that matters. Now that we covered basic facts, without wasting another second, here are the best gifts you can give her on the first date.

1. Flowers

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You can never go wrong with flowers unless your girl is allergic to pollen. Try getting to know if she’s allergic before getting her flowers. In case she’s not allergic, go for, sweet-scented red roses, Marigolds, Tulips, or Orchids.

2. Chocolates

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Whichever person said chocolates are a woman’s weakness, was right to the bone. Your girl may like dark chocolate and loathe milk chocolate or vice versa. Just to be sure, get her a gift pack with different types and varieties of chocolate.

3. Books

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If you’re dating an avid reader, try getting to know what novel she’d most love to own. You can never go wrong with gifting a good novel to a reader.

4. Adorable stuffed dolls

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First is chocolates next is stuffed dolls. I can’t really explain why women love stuffed dolls. Just make sure to get her a doll of her favorite animal or cartoon character. She’ll love you for it.

5. Handwritten notes/cards

Nothing is sexier than a man who knows to write!. So if you have a flair for writing, don’t miss this chance to impress. Women dig thoughtful gifts like this. It shows your sensitive side.

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6. Artwork/Painting

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A little something to brighten her room will leave her thinking of you daily. Do you get what I’m saying? *wink*

7. Plants


A cute succulent as a gift will make your girl blush with happiness. Women love all things cute, even succulents. Just avoid the thorny ones unless you know she’s into it.

8. Earrings


What’s sexier than a man who knows to write?, A man who chooses well for his girl. (psst. you don’t have to do this all by yourself, you can definitely take help from other women on this, passing it off as your choice or not however, is entirely up to you)

9. Music box


Every girl has a dream of owning a classic music box like this one. This kind of gift can never backfire unless she ain’t into stuff like this. Just make sure to ask around before getting her this. But most importantly, follow your hunch or gut.

10. Porcelain Mugs

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Like I already said, women love all things beautiful and delicate. Porcelain mugs are something we just can’t say no to. All in all, whatever be the gift, the fact that you went out of your way to get her a gift will be more than enough. It’s your intentions, in the end, that matter!. Hope you have a happy first date.

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