Pizza Chef of the Year, Nicole shares a lid tip to reheat Pizza!

nicola jackson-jones

Are you familiar with Nicola Jackson-Jones, who was just named Pizza Chef of the Year?

She has been giving her best advice and techniques for everything pizza-related, including the most effective method for reheating leftovers.

Pizza is one of those cuisines that can be had at almost any time of day and is a global favorite. You simply can’t go wrong, from breakfast pizzas to cheeky midday slices and takeout orders in the evening.

If you need to reheat any leftovers from the last meal, that may be your only problem with the dish.

Many individuals may be tempted to microwave their pizza, but doing so will cause the base to get fairly soggy and won’t result in the desired oozy, melty cheese topping.

Nicola has provided her best pizza advice

Fortunately, a pizza guru has come to the rescue and provided her top advice for reheating pizza.

Owner of Two Cents Pizza Nicola Jackson-Jones has imparted some of her culinary knowledge.  She advises against heating pizza in the microwave.


  • You need a pan and a lid instead.

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I always enjoy reheating pizza on the stove, said Nicola, who has just been crowned the Pizza Chef of the Year at the British Pizza and Pasta Association Industry Awards.

Prepare your pan by heating it up, adding your pizza, covering it with a lid to retain some heat, and leaving until the cheese is bubbling.

Using this technique will prevent the dreaded “soggy bottom,” giving the pizza a wonderful, “crisp bottom.”

Nicola’s homemade pizza with pickles

  • The expert claims that pickles on pizza have recently become extremely popular.

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Nicola has been baking pizza for the past four years after quitting her office job to pursue her passion for cooking full-time. Before this, she had never worked in the restaurant sector.

She then opened a restaurant, which she ran for three years, before opting to become mobile at the beginning of the cost-of-living issue.

Now, Two Cents Pizza serves pizza to a wide range of customers and caters to occasions like weddings.

As a result, Nicola has made some strange and fantastic pizzas throughout the years, but she makes fun of the fact that one was so weird it made her cry.

The only ingredients on the pizza above were cheese, pineapple, olives, and barbecue sauce.

“I succeeded, but a small tear came out of my eye. Now that I think about it, I should have said no “She chuckles.

Even though Nicola might not have liked this particular topping combination, some other unlikely combinations, like pickles on pizza, actually work.

“On top, you might scatter some crumpled chips, garlic, or onions. Although it sounds terrible, it works; I used it at my pop-ups, and visitors loved it. All of the varying textures and strong, robust flavors blend well.”