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What’s Inside The Oscar Gift Bag That Is Priced At Quarter Million Dollars?

Winning an Oscar is considered the greatest achievement for an actor, and being nominated for one is no less honour. But being nominated for Oscar comes with other magnificent perks too.

Like this Oscar Gift bag given to the nominees – one of the most expensive and luxurious gift bags in the world, this swag bag is priced at $225,000, according to Forbes.

Before the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, these gift bags will be given to the nominees of the year – such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Joaquin Phoenix, Tom Hanks, Margot Robbie, Adam Driver, Brad Pitt, Charlize Theron, Al Pacino, Quentin Tarantino et al.

The “Everyone Wins” gift bag of 2020 is the most expensive gift bag yet, and contains some of the most unique luxuries ranging from beauty, fashion, self-care, travel, and a plethora of deluxe services.

#1. 12-Day trip on World’s first ultra-luxury expedition yacht

world's first luxury expedition yacht
Image Credit: Scenic USA

Scenic Eclipse is the world’s first ultra-luxury expedition yacht that will take 200 guests on a 12-day trip to Antarctica. The yacht comes with eight restaurants, a spa, two helicopters, and a submarine.

The cost per person to travel on this yacht is about $78,190.

#2. Dinner for two at the prestigious Field Kitchen – Flora Farms

Flora's Field Kitchen
Image Credit: Squarespace

This famous and prestigious restaurant from Cabo, Mexico has a 150-acre ranch nearby from which it acquires most of its produce and ingredients. The food served at this restaurant is extremely fresh and everything here is exclusively handmade.

#3. Cannabis-infused chocolate edibles

weed chocolate
Image Credit: Coda

Coda Signature’s delectable chocolates are known for their unique taste, flavour, and texture which not just appeal to yiur taste buds but also soothe your senses. With the infusion of cannabis, these chocolate edibles are now ascended, don’t you think?

#4. A necklace from TAPS for Hope

taps necklace
Image Credit: Convio

TAPS (the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors) is an organization that works for the families of soldiers who died in American invasion of Iraq, Afghanistan and other countries.

TAPS for Hope is a jewellery collection, which uses the gems American companies loot from the hills and mines of Afghanistan and then sell the necklaces to create capital to support the widows of American soldiers who were sacrificed to the American military industrial complex’s unquenchable greed.

#5. A 24 karat gold Royal Chakra Bath Bomb

bath bomb
Image Credit: Insider

These bath bombs come with full moon charged amethyst crystal inside each of them, which is revealed when the bath bomb dissolves.

#6. Up to $25,000 of treatments and cosmetic procedures

Image Credit: Universal Images Group

Reputed cosmetologist Dr. Konstantin Vasyukevich offers high-end skin treatment for celebrities – such as Botox, laser skin resurfacing, skin rejuvenation, injectables, fillers, chemical peels and so on.

Inside the gift bag, the nominees will get $25,000 worth of free skin treatment.

#7. Gold necklace from Blush & Whimsy, made by soldiers who were disabled in war

Image Credit: Blimp

The gift bag also comes with a gold necklace that was assembled and packaged by soldiers who got permanently disabled while fighting the war for American capitalism. And now, instead of providing them proper living conditions, the American corporate finds further ways to exploit them – necklace made by disabled veterans.

Instead of being seen as a horrifying situation, this is being marketed as something to be cheered and coveted.

#8. A getaway in an active Spanish lighthouse 

Image Credit: The Niche Traveller

This Spanish lighthouse named Faro Cumplida is still active, and it also has three private suites which can house up to eight guests.

#9. A one-year membership to Britain’s premier matchmaking agency

clinking wine glasses
Image Credit: ScoopWhoop

The Oscar nominees are also given one-year membership to Drawing Down the Moon, a premier dating agency which provides date coaching, headhunting, and introduces people to other members of the agency.

#10. A trip to world’s most exclusive destination spa

Golden Door spa
Image Credit: Luxe

This destination spa named Golden Door in San Diego, California offers wellness classes, daily massages, hiking trails, and meals that come fresh from the farm to your table.

#11. Five-night stay in the new lifestyle hotel in Hawaii

Image Credit: Outrigger

This hotel named Waikiki Beachcomber by Outrigger is just a few steps away from the Waikiki beach, and guests here can stay in one-bedroom suites which have ocean-view windows and balcony.

#12. DNA-based personalized medicine

Image Credit: ITW01

These celebrities will also be given a subscription to Pharmazam which uses the patient’s DNA profile to find out the most suitable diagnosis and medicinal prescriptions.

#13. Foot Spray for red carpet appearances

Jennifer Lawrence feet
Image Credit: Pinterest

Everybody knows that walking in those high heels is no cakewalk. On top of that, actresses have to stand and pose for photos for a long time. This foot spray is a herbal remedy that counters inflammation and pain to keep these celebs standing on their heels for a long time.

#14. The Beauty Book for Brain Cancer

Image Credit: Pennt

This book contains 300 pages of celebrity portraits which were photographed by Darren Tieste. All the capital collected from the sale of this book goes towards funding brain cancer research and treatment.

#15. A Sky Lite

Image Credit: PopSugar

This sky lite from BlissLights recreates the night sky onto the walls or roof.

Who will get all these things? 

jennifer lawrence and charlize theron
Image Credit: Pinterest

The Oscar nominees in the category Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, and Best Director will be receiving this gift bag from Distinctive Assets, the company which has been customizing gift bags for Oscar nominees since last 18 years.

The company said in a statement:

Every human being, regardless of wealth or fame, appreciates the simple joy of a gift. While our Everyone Wins Gift Bag is certainly not given based on need, it is assembled with a profound sense of gratitude for the incredible performances these talented individuals shared with all of us this year.

Here’s everything else that is also inside the gift bag: 

  • A private phone call with life coach Jessica McGregor Johnson and a copy of her book, “The Right T-Shirt, Write Your Own Rules and Live the Life You Want.”
  • Ten personal training sessions with premier trainer Alexis Seletzky.
  • CBD cocktail syrup from CBD Barkeep.
  • Two tickets to a Daybreaker morning yoga and dance class.
  • A “brain sensing headband” from Muse.
  • DIFF sunglasses and Veestro plant-based meals from PETA
  • Clothes from luxury clothing brand Happiest Tee.
  • A limited edition collector box from Trust Me Vodka. The limited edition collector’s box contains bottles of organic wheat vodka and gluten free potato vodka, with art by artist Caia Koopman.
  • Clothing from the women’s luxury loungewear company Soma: Sensuous Silk Kimono Robe and a smart-fit bra
  • A custom stained glass portrait by artist John Thoman.
  • A bottle of A. Junod, a white absinthe handcrafted in France.
  • Event photography by Capture Roaming Halo. Multi-camera booths with nine cameras are also available to create social media-ready “freeze-motion” animated videos.
  • A 24-karat gold-finished vape pen from Hollowtips.
  • A $115 sterling silver bracelet from Officina Bernardi
  • A 5-day dietary program from Prolon
  • “Carson’s Garage” by KD Storm
  • Handmade luxury eyelashes from Céline Victor
  • Charabanc’s luxury car fragrance
  • Dwight Cleveland’s “Cinema on Paper: The Graphic Genius of Movie Posters
  • Personalized cosmetic enhancement services from Clinic Pour Vous
  • A “spa kit for your mouth” from Closys Oral Care
  • Atara Twersky’s children’s book “Curlee Girlee,” which empowers girls to love their curly hair
  • A Sleep Essentials gift set from Essence One
  • Two card games from Exploding Kittens
  • Premium nut bars from Fast Bar
  • A two-night luxury stay at Auberge Resorts in Los Cabos, Mexico
  • A six-month supply of baby goodies from Baja Baby
  • A urine collection system from Forte Medical that identifies potential health concerns
  • Hydrogen-infused water from HFactor
  • A skincare gift box from Instytutum
  • A hand-dyed ombre alpaca throw from Johanna Howard Home
  • A one-year membership to LiveItUp, an app that sends new text and video challenges designed to help users live richer lives
  • The Giuliana Earring, a woven cut crystal earring from Millianna
  • An assortment of macarons from Mad Mac Macarons
  • Custom soy candles from Mood — The Candle Revival Company
  • A hydration product for jet lag and tracel fatigue from My Flight Pack
  • Meal kits from Nutrition for Longevity
  • A year of optimal health full-body performance evaluation package from Dr. Salas-Whalen at New York Endocrinology
  • Ultra Smooth deodorant from Old Spice
  • A VIP day of wellness at Origin Stretch & Spa in West Hollywood
  • A one-year supply of Oxygenating Foundation from Oxygenetix
  • A two-pack of Pepperidge Farm’s Dark Chocolate Milano cookies
  • Color-coordinated pillows from Pillow Pops
  • A bottle of Próspero Tequila
  • Purusha Botanicals’ Skincare Ritual pack
  • A custom security door from Remo Security Doors
  • A custom work of art from Reian Williams Fine Art
  • Rita Hazan’s Shine Balm
  • Seurcell Serum with KFS Cellular Protein Complex, which blends over 1,500 key skin nutrients
  • CBD-infused essential oils from SHEbd Broad Spectrum
  • A candle from Soul Shropshire
  • A complimentary TempSure Envi radiofrequency skincare treatment
  • Cleansers from The Right to Shower, which donates a percentage of profits to mobile shower initiatives for homeless populations
  • A weekend Malibu wellness retreat from 3D Wellness Retreat
  • Tru Niagen vitamins, which increase NAD — a molecule that boosts cellular energy and repair
  • Violent vitamins, which alleviate breast pain
  • A hammock from Wise Owl Outfitters
  • Bust support tape by Yen the Label



Featured Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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