Panic Spreads As Scientists Opened A 5 Million Year Old Cave & Found 33 Unknown Species

The year 2020 just keeps getting weirder and weirder. After the deadly Coronavirus, our world has come across something much more mysterious and strange.

Scientists found a cave that was totally sealed for the last 5 million years, and they opened it. Inside there are 33 new kinds of creatures that we have never seen before in the world.

While scientists are adamant on conducting research and learning more about these species, people have started warning that those organisms are better left alone due to the possibility that a strange virus or bacteria might be released into the world and none of us would be immune to it.

The air inside the cave is extremely toxic and humid

The Movile cave in Romania was opened up by Dr Christian Lascu. This cave was completely sealed off from the world for 5 million years, even the air inside the cave was trapped and couldn’t get out. No fresh air had gone inside the cave for 5 million years.

The air inside the cave was toxic and humid when the scientists opened it – and in such an air, these species have been living for so long.

33 species were found which are unknown to humans

Total 48 species were found in the cave, most of which species resemble spiders, scorpions, centipedes and others.

The surprising part is that 33 of these species are unknown to humans and they are found only in this cave and nowhere else.

Since the cave is complete dark, all these species are blind and they have colourless bodies. They developed long antennas and long limbs to feel their way around and move in the darkness. Which makes them look even more strange and terrifying.

The cave has its own ecosystem separate from Earth

The cave has its own ecosystem which survives on the toxic gases which are trapped inside. Bacterias use a process called chemosynthesis to convert the toxic gases into food – it works on a similar principle of photosynthesis in plants.

Small creatures like worms and shrimp depend on the bacteria for food. The bigger creatures like scorpions and spiders etc eat the worms and small creatures. There is a whole food cycle in this cave that has been running for 5 million years.

There are many such ecosystems in the world but all of them are deep inside oceans near hydrothermal vents where life survives in extremely hot circumstances. Movile cave is only one such ecosystem that exists on land.

People are concerned about virus and bacteria leaking from the cave into the world

Scientists are very curious about this whole affair, trying to learn more about how these species got into the cave and how the cave was eventually sealed off and how they still survived inside.

People on the Internet have come up with jokes such as ancient warriors fought off these deadly species and locked them inside the caves, and opening the caves now will release those creatures along with unknown viruses and bacteria which will spread another pandemic.

Obviously, humans didn’t exist 5 million years ago – we are only 300,000-400,000 year old.

Although the virus and bacteria concern does hold some merit.



All Featured Images Courtesy: The Earth Site

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