After George Floyd’s Murder, Protestors Burn Down The Police Station, Target, Wendy’s, McDonald’s in Minneapolis

Derek Chauvin, the white police officer who murdered George Floyd is still not arrested. He is still being protected by other police officers who have surrounded his house and they are also providing excuses and every other kind of protection for him.

Needless to say, the fury of Minneapolis public was enraged and last night they set fire to the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Precinct where Derek Chauvin used to work.

Meanwhile, the protest has spread to several cities of America, including New York, Denver, Los Angeles, and Memphis.

Police precinct, departmental stores, restaurant chains – nothing was spared

The protesting crowd has surrounded the precinct and police officers were protecting it like a fortress. But then the police officers abandoned the station, and the crowd got inside. Soon enough, the precinct went up in flames. Afterwards, the protestors burst firecrackers and cheered.

Apart from the precinct, several corporate-owned stores such as Target, AutoZone, Wendy’s, and McDonald’s were torched and razed to the ground.

Derek Chauvin and his three colleagues who murdered George Floyd

On Tuesday, the video surfaced of Derek Chauvin, the white police officer who kneeled on the neck of George Floyd – a handcuffed black man. He kept suffocating him until he begged to let him breathe, officer Chauvin still not moved and kept suffocating George.

Other three police officers named Thomas Lane, Tou Thao, and, and J. Alexander Kueng were seen holding George by his legs and arms. They were also threatening people to stay away from the scene and not interfere as Derek Chauvin killed George in cold-blood.

George died on the spot, as the video shows blood coming out of his nose and there was urine at the place – since bladder empties immediately after death.

Despite the evidence, the police keeps claiming that George died after reaching the hospital.

Fire Department on the side of protestors?

While several corporate-owned stores burnt, Fire Department made no attempts to put out the fires. Bus drivers refused the police and said they won’t transport the arrested protestors, and churches offered shelters to protestors for resting and taking a break.

Police motto “Protect & Serve” – Protect properties, serve property-owners¬†

While the solidarity for the protests was strong – police officers only did what they are supposed to do. They protected their killer colleague by forming a barrier around his house. They also surrounded many Target stores to protect it from getting burned.

One of the protestors at the site, a young black woman, said that her two brothers(aged 11 and 14) were tackled by police on the suspicion of guns. Those children were later harassed and abused by police, and ever since she has always been at every protest to make sure that children do not get encountered by the police.

What do the protestors want?

Protestors are demanding that Derek Chauvin and the other three officers who helped him in this murder should be arrested and sent to jail, and charged for murder.

What is the police doing about Derek Chauvin?

But FBI is still investigating “whether George’s human rights were violated.” Apparently, getting choked to death is not enough of a human right violation if you are a black man, according to the FBI.

Restaurant CCTV footage has shown that George was not resisting arrest and he was already handcuffed and standing quietly.

And even if someone resists arrest, there is no excuse for a cop to choke someone for 8 minutes until the person dies. There is just no justification for that.

Apparently. Derek Chauvin has several civilian complaints against him, and he has killed a native Alaskan and another black man before. He was allowed to get scot-free till now. He is still under police protection and there are high chances that he will be suspended for a while, and then he’ll resume work in some other county where he will kill some other minority person and the police department will protect him again.

About time you understood that police is not on your side, they just exist to protect the rich and privileged, and their profits.

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All Featured Images Courtesy: Reuters