Jack Welsh: YouTuber With the Most Number of Channels With 100K+ Subscribers

We all just love video content, so what could be a better platform than YouTube to explore and even create content. We often see various YouTubers creating videos to make a mark in their respective niche but surprisingly there is a breed of content creators who don’t believe in putting all their eggs in one basket and English YouTuber Jack Welsh is one such content creator.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube Channel- JackSucksAtLife

The Guy With Most Number of Successful YouTube Channels

Jack Welsh got his name registered in Guinness World Records for having the most YouTube channels with 100K+ subscribers. Jack has nine such successful YouTube channels. 

The eligibility criteria for this record states that the claimant must be over the age of 16. All the channels must be launched, operated and owned by the claimant with no other person playing an eminent role. Additionally, a minimum of five published videos on each channel must have 50K+ views. 

Photo Courtesy: YouTube Channel- JackSucksAtLife

Jack Welsh owns and manages nine channels with over 100,000 subscribers. Following are the channels that justifies Jack’s success as YouTuber: Photo Courtesy: YouTube Channel- JackSucksAtLife

  • JacksEpicYoutubeChannelFullOfFunTimesAndFunHiRickX
  • JackSucksAtPopUpPirate
  • SamSmellsOfApricots 
  • JackSucksAtGeography
  • turd boi420
  • JackSucksAtLife
  • JackSucksAtStuff
  • Jack Massey Welsh
  • JackSucksAtClips

Earlier Jack set a record of having eight 100K+ subscribers in September 2020 and it took him a few more months to grow such a subscriber base on his latest channel ‘JackSucksAtClips’.

Photo Courtesy: YouTube Channel- JackSucksAtLife

Who is Jack Welsh?

Jack Massey Welsh isn’t just about making and breaking YouTube records. He is best known for his channel ‘JackSucksAtLife’. The channel currently has 1.63 million subscribers where he uploads the popular game Minecraft-centric content.

The 24 year-old YouTuber uploaded his first video on his JackSucksAtLife channel, “Minecraft 1.5.1 – Jack’s Farm Ep.1 Skinny Pete!,” on April 4, 2013. However, his first YouTube channel was titled ‘SamSmellsOfApricots’. 

On Friday Guinness World Records tweeted to congratulate the young content creator saying, “Congratulations to @JackMasseyWelsh who has smashed his own record for the individual with the most YouTube channels with over 100k subscribers – 9!

“Jack first set this record with eight back in September 2020 and his latest channel to reach 100k is JackSucksAtClips,” the tweet further stated.