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Covid Hits The Batman Again As Robert Pattinson’s Stunt Double Tests Positive

The whole world is familiar with the kind of havoc COVID wreaked in the past one year. Surprisingly, it also affected our superheroes. In the past five months, the new Batman movie has been hit thrice by the pandemic.

The Batman’s Bumpy Ride

Image Courtesy: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

The £90 million blockbuster in trouble once again as a stunt double for the lead actor Robert Pattinson tested positive earlier this month.

Following a positive case in November, the actor and the stunt team were forced to stay isolated for ten days which sunk the hopes of shooting high-octane action scenes as per schedule at the Warner Bros Studios in Hertfordshire.

Image Courtesy: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

 The production of the superhero film starring Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman and Colin Farrell as the villainous Penguin was also halted in September after Twilight actor Robert reportedly caught the virus. The incident occurred just a few days after the filming resumed following the first lockdown in March 2020. A source stated that “Shooting a blockbuster of this scale is difficult enough without the threat of COVID looming large.”

“While this proves Warner Bros’ testing regime is working, having so many people away from set for ten days is a headache the studio could do without, especially when they are relying on the stunt team to deliver the film’s most spectacular scenes. The movie is still on track to wrap next month and when it does, I think everyone will be breathing a sigh of relief,” the source added.

Image Courtesy: DC Entertainment/Warner Bros.

The blockbuster’s release date has been delayed twice due to COVID and is now expected to hit screens 9 months later in March 2022. This accounts for a delay of almost 9 months after it was originally due to release.

It’s unfortunate to see the pandemic showing no mercy to even our superheroes as they equally struggle in their own ways. For those who aren’t updated with the Batman franchise, the film will feature Robert Pattinson as the new Batman.