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Ingenious Ways To Decorate Your Home With Houseplants

The place you live in can be a house or a home. While most think that these mean the same, they’re far from similar. To make a house your home, you need to own it, occupy it and in the deepest sense feel like you belong in it.

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A home is where you belong. A place of rest, quiet, happiness and comfort. When moving into an unfamiliar space, it can get quite difficult to feel at home. Don’t worry though, this can be solved easily. Having househol plants around tremendously helps with easing into your house space.

Benefits of owning indoor plants

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Not only do they make your interior space breathable but also help with reducing anxiety and stress. Indoor plants also have a great many feng shui benefits. it is believed by many Feng Shui experts that housing a money plant near your door welcomes riches into your life. There’s a lot to gain from indoor plants. Here’s a guide to the best options you can choose from and how to use them to decorate your home space.

How to decorate your home with plants

Similar to every case of interior decoration, the space you have, needs you want to be met and the best options to go about it, are key.

The size of the room
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Let’s say you have a large room in your hands. In such a situation you can place quite a number of plants in it. in case you have a small room, try choosing small to medium-sized plants to decorate it. This way your room will not seem to have shrunk further.

For dull spaces
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In case your interior space is dull, the antidote is a basket of perennial flowering plants. You can place this on table-tops, in the dining space or just at the corners of your sofa set. Eg: Multicolored Lantana

Softening effect
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If you want to soften the edges in your room, place pots housing ferns, bushes or succulents in each corner of the room. This gives it a rounding effect. Psychology says that we feel most comfortable in rooms that are round or circular. Must be drawn on the fact that we lived in a very round belly for 9 whole months… Just kidding.

Decorating nearly empty rooms
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In the case of having a room with hardly any furniture, choose large leafed plants like Dracaena and Philodendron. These beautiful large leafed plants are bound to make a great impression and fill up your room elegantly.

Using plants to complement your room
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Your room is a canvas and like every painting, the background is important. let’s say you have a minimal wallpaper with tiny patterns on it. In thus case, choosing large leafed plants will definitely up the ambiance in the space. In the opposite case, that is; when you have a vibrant and large patterned wallpaper, try going for small leaves plants like ferns. In the end it;s all about how plants can complement your living space.

Humidity control
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Some plants to consider in case you want to up the humidity in your room.
1. Flowring Maple, 2. Bird’s Nest Fern, 3.Indoor Azalea, 4.Boston Fern, 5. Papyrus plant,6.Hibiscus and 7.Japanese aralia.

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Just remember, while decorating your indoor homespace, take your time, consult experts and look at it from different perspectives. Whatever be your requirement, decorating your home with indoor plants is one thing you’ll never regret.Bien Vivre!

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