How To Get Famous On YouTube 101

It’s the new fad of this generation that is here to stay. Slaying the idea of slogging two decades to climb up the corporate ladder, a successful YouTuber can hit gold overnight almost. The only thing is the uncertainty of success, ( we’re talking Lily Singh success). Being a successful YouTuber requires consistent hard work, rich engaging content and definitive call to action in your material. It may not pay off immediately, you may have to be patient for a year or two. Despite the odds of becoming a YouTube sensation, your youtube channel will at least prove to be a steady source of income for you. In fact, we can safely say, these steps will help you become truly successful on YouTube.


If you’re starting a Youtube channel for the first time and want to make it work, this is for you. Here are the most important fundamental requisites; for you to get famous on youtube.

1. Set your goals and be clear about them

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Your goals may be monetary, they may even be how famous you get. Whatever your goals for your channel, be sure to be clear about them with yourself. Being so, ensures that your focus is on meeting these goals alone. it’s this kind of focus that brings about eventual YouTube success.

2. Define your channel’s content

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This is basically deciding the gnre of videos that your channel will be catering. It can be anything in the vast sea of video-types. Whatever be your choice, make sure to add in a unique touch to it from you true personality to stand out. Even if you’ve decided to make videos on trending topics eg: Game of Thrones, adding a unique touch to it will amp up the chances of being noticed on YouTube.

3. Map out your plan

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This is the stage where you cut to the true needs and expenses of your venture. This is the part where you decisde the what, how and when of everything you need from equipment, time resources and support.

4. Mind your homepage graphics


Speaking of hitting gold on YouTube, the most fundamental step is having a welcoming homepage. Make sure that your profile picture or company logo is the right dimensions. Given that YouTube is a highly visual platform, your presentaion is key to getting famous.

5. Be SEO smart

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There’s no messing around with this step. To get faamous in YouTube fast, you must definitley make use of good search engine optimization techniques. You can hire someone to do this for you or take care of it yourself too. Whatever you choice, this is a must do on the road to hitting gold on YouTube.

6. Consistency is key

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The best way to keep your viewers hooked is by dishing out consistent content or consistent quality.

7. Value for time

Make sure your videos are to the point. Short and sweet is the way to go.

8. Showcase your credibility

Whatever be your niche, be it in film reviewing, technology, art, or even makeup;make sure to mention it in your videos. Because doing so adds credibility to your words. Think of this as how you would mention your work experience in relation to the service you offer.

9. Engage with your online community

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Keeping an active communication channelwith your subsribes encourgaes them to stay on.In fact you can even go live on youtube and speak to your vieweres.

10. Finish it in style with an awesome website

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Having your own website linked to your YouTube channel is equivalent of having a business identity online.

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