How To Download Youtube Videos For Free In 4 Easy Steps

How many times in a day do you watch videos on Youtube? How many times do you wonder how to download videos from Youtube so that you can watch them later offline? Watch downloaded videos from Youtube is the most convenient thing to do when you don’t have an internet connection or slow internet kills your mood. Now you can watch those downloaded videos from anywhere, at any time without risking going over your data allocation.

Is it legal to download videos from Youtube?

It is not legal to download videos from Youtube using third-party apps. Doing so also opens you up to potential copyright infringements if it is not in the public domain, or you don’t have the permission from the owner. But worry not! Youtube allows some tools to download videos through its web service and its own apps.

How to download Videos From Youtube For Free

#1 Get 4K Video Downloader

Courtesy: 4K Downloads

First of all, you will need a third party software to download Youtube videos to your Windows PC. Install 4K video Downloader on your computer. It is completely free and can even download the whole playlists, 360-degree and 3D videos. Once it is downloaded, check the box marked ‘Launch’ and click ‘Finish’.

#2 Copy & Paste The Video URL

Copy the URL of the video from the address bar that you wish to download from Youtube, go to 4K video downloader, and click on the green ‘PasteLink’ button on the left. You will be offered with the choices of video quality depending upon the quality of the original video. The software can also download 4K videos if the option is available.

#3 Choose the quality and format

With 4K Video Downloader, you have an option of either downloading the whole videos or ripping the audio. Select your preference from the drop-down list on the left, and choose a format from the menu on your right. You can even choose where you want your downloaded video to be saved on the computer.

#4 Download the video

As soon as you hit the ‘Download’ button, your video will start downloading. It might take a while for a video to download depending upon the size of the file. You can download up to 24 videos at once using this software. Find your video in the destination folder and right click on the file to ‘Play’.

So no more online streaming! Enjoy downloaded Youtube videos for free next time you are on a plane or when your data runs out.


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