Best Exotic And Budget-Friendly Destinations To Visit In The Summer Of 2019

Looking for a great travel experience and a happy wallet at the end of it? You’ve come to the right place. Summer’s fast approaching and what better time to start the vacay plans than now. You’ll have enough time to save up and boil down on a place to lounge in. These beautiful destinations will amaze you with their beauty and extremely affordable prices.


Beat the heat this year with these amazingly budget-friendly vacay destinations.

Valparaiso, Chile


Valparaiso, the ‘Jewel of the Pacific’ is a UNESCO world heritage site. Enclosed within 42 hills, this beautiful city will amaze you with its radical street art and bohemian vibes. Home to some of the most beautiful sunsets, plazas, and parks, this exotic destination wil leave you enriched.

Must See :
1.Cerro Concepcion / Cerro Alegre
Specialty: Crown of Pleasant Hills. Artist and musician hot spot.
2.Bar Cinzano
Specialty: Foot tapping Latin American music, dance performances, Creole style food, top-notch liquor.
3. Ruben Dario and the Carvallo
Specialty: Beachside, Fishing, Spas
Cost of stay: USD 54

2. Turkey

Home to one of the oldest civilizations of the world, Turkey is for everyone. Ranging from multi-cuisine food to rich cultural heritage, a visit to Turkey will change your life.

Must see: Istanbul, Ephesus, and Cappadocia
Specialty: Spice Market, Roman ruins of Ephesus, Horseback riding in Cappadocia( UNESCO World heritage site), hot-air balloon spectacle, Arts tour.
Cost of stay: USD 100 per day

Istanbul, Turkey

3. Montreal, Canada

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A blend of two eras Montreal will satisfy the modern critic and the timeless romantic in you. With a rich French Heritage, this is one place you must not miss visiting. Their art,music and comdey festivals will leave you laughing, crying and blessed. A hub of culture and amazing food, this is the place to visit.

Specialty: French Cuisine, Art festivals, Inclusive attitude towards tourists, stylish boutique hotels,Numerous Airbnb options.
Cost of stay: USD 75-150 and cheaper depending on where you choose to stay

4. Grenada

Courtesy : Royal Caribbean

Grenada, The Spice Island is one of the best cheap and affordable places to visit this summer. The exotic Carribean destination has everything ranging from romantic retreats, adventure , family vacation hubs to spas. A beautiful blend of the Carribean, British, African and French culture, this wonderful destination will leave you swooning.
Must see: Grand Anse Beach and House of Chocolate at Market Square
Specialty: Numerous reputed Hotels and Resorts, day passes for beach visitors to use hotel amenities at the Mount Cinnamon Grenada Hotel, True Blue Bay Resort’s live music performances, food and socila crowd. Souvenirs , local food, home-made delicacies.

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It’s true. A traveller lives and sees life in numerous ways , they are multidimensional of sorts when it comes to life. Think of traveling to be a prism, when white light hits the prism, a rainbow appears. To live fully is to travel wholeheartedly.

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