How To Check What iOS You Have On Your iPhone or iPad

Do you own an iPhone or iPad? Then you must know how really important it is to keep your iOS (operating software) up to date as Apple launches minor software updates throughout the year. To keep up with the latest upgrades, it is important to check what iOS you have from time to time.

Why should you check iPhone version?

Simple. To enhance the performance of your Apple gadget and squash those bugs on your phone, if any. These apple updates include security fixes which make any malware to get into your phone difficult and avoid any breach of data.

How to check what iOS you have

To find out what iOS I have, here are a five simple steps to be followed:

  1. Open the iPhone or iPad settings – the icon that looks like gear running
  2. The next step to know what iOS I have, scroll down and tap on ‘General’ option to open the general settings. It will appear on the right side of the menu if you are using an iPad.
  3. Tap on ‘Software Update’, the second option in the General settings, if you want to check what iOS you have.
  4. After you tap on the Software update, a screen showing the current version of your iOS will be displayed on the screen. If your iOS is updated, the screen will read “Your software is up to date” along with the current number version you have installed. This is how you check out what iOS you have.
  5. If not, you may find information to install the latest version. Before you do that, make sure you store a backup of all the files on your phone and have enough battery for the software update. If your battery percentage is less than 50%, plug your phone to the charger before you start the update.

Keep in mind: Your iPhone or iPad won’t be able to download and install new software updates if it is an obsolete or older device.


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