Here’s The Simplest Hack To Download Instagram Photos & Videos

While browsing Instagram, we often come across a particular photo or video that we immediately want to save. But unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t allow us to save anything from the app. People have looked long and hard for something that could help us download Instagram photos and videos, but most available apps often collect your login details and store it.

So we took it upon ourselves to look long and hard, and we found the most secure and fastest way to save photos and videos from Instagram.

IG Saver is a free app that can you can use to save Instagram photos and videos without logging in!

You can use it to:

  • Download IG photos, videos, and stories in HD
  • Save any post without leaving the Instagram app
  • Repost directly to Instagram or other social media
  • Copy description and tags with a single click

What makes IG Saver stand out in comparison to other similar apps:

  • Keeps your Instagram account secure as it requires no login 
  • It’s an extremely lightweight app, it takes up only a few MBs of storage
  • Loved and trusted by 100,000 users with a 4.5+ rating on Play Store
  • Extremely easy to use

Works with your convenience

You can download photos and videos in three different ways, as per your convenience.

  1. You can copy-paste the link it into IG Saver, and it will download the post, or
  2. You can share the link with IG Saver, or
  3. Directly save from the ‘download button’ that starts to appear below every post.

IG Saver will do the rest, and you can now download or repost anything you want from the Instagram. It’s a secure app because it doesn’t ask for any login info, since it’s often not recommended to share your password and username with third-party apps.

But with great power, comes great responsibility. While you can use it to repost content, it is recommended that you do take the permission of the original content creator, or give them due credits.

Check out the free app today!