Here’s How To Actually Start Lifting Weights At Home

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That muscular body is not on its way unless you start doing something about. If you think the subscription of the gym is too high and you won’t be a regular there, then how about starting lifting weights at home?

Obviously, you would still need the advice from a fitness trainer. You just cannot start doing these things on your own, especially when you have no knowledge about them. Lifting weight means putting stress upon your muscles. One wrong move and you may have to suffer the ill-consequences.

Do you want to make dumbbells your new best friend but don’t know how? Start with these tips and you will get along just fine with having a muscular body soon.

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How To Start Lifting Weights At Home

1. Choose the right weight to begin

It totally comes down to how many reps you want to do per set. Define your goal first because that is going to decide how many reps you should do. If you are lifting incredibly heavy weight, then 2-6 sets of 6 or fewer reps are fine for developing maximal strength. Do 3-6 sets of 8-12 reps if you want to build the muscle size. Build your endurance by doing 2-3 sets of 12 or more reps.

2. Know when you are ready to increase weight

The key to starting lifting weights at home is gradual. Sure, you are pumped up with a lot of energy but your body weight has an upper limit to how much strength it can gain.  in the beginning, your mind is working out a way to work with muscles before your muscles gain any actual strength. Once you are able to perform all the reps in a proper form, know that it is time to increase weight. The thing with weight lifting is that

As you get more experienced, it is normal for progress to slow down.

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How to lift weights safely

  • Don’t overdo things when it comes to lifting the weight. Stay away from “Ego-lifting” which means when you sacrifice training for more weight. It will only do you more harm than good.

  • Each time you are lifting a weight, you are putting your muscles and cells under stress. Yes, you will have pain in the affected areas for 24-72 hours after the workout. If it is a prolonged pain and severe, it could be a potential injury in which case you might want to pause for a few days and maybe get it checked by a doctor.

  • You should also give yourself ample rest. Working out and rest are synergists, not the opposite. Your body can deal with so much of physical burden at once. Having rest gives your body some time to recover and repair. The harder your training is, the more rest your body needs.

  • Also, take a break of 45-60 seconds between all sets and physical exercises. Don’t exert your body too much with the training. If you feel tired or sore doing a technique, you may want to stay away from weights until you recover. Work on your stress management and recovery efforts.

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