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Here Are 9 Cool Gadgets To Buy If You Like Groovy Stuff

Are you always on a lookout for cool gadgets to buy? Do you like to spend your money on quirky stuff? If yes, then we have prepared just the list for you. These nifty gadgets will not only help you get by your lives but also give you a bit of a swag. Did we mention that these are great conversation starters too?

Here are some groovy recommendations you ought to get for yourself right now.

#1 Waterproof speakers

waterproof speaker
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Do you enjoy a good chorus in the shower? If yes, this waterproof speaker is just one of the cool gadgets to buy. We all know how many speakers we have ruined in the shower because they weren’t waterproof. Your prayers have finally been heard. Taking a shower have could not have been more awesome!

#2 Headphone splitters

headphone splitter
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Remember those times when you want to share a song in your group of friends quietly, but you couldn’t because the stupid headphones have only two set of ears? Well, now you can with these headphone splitters. Talk about cool gadgets, and this is definitely one!

#3 Lightsaber chopsticks

lightsaber chopsticks
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If lightsabers weren’t cool enough, you now have lightsaber chopsticks so that you can enjoy your ramen in the dark too? For those who find eating with normal chopstick too passé they should probably get these. Since it comes in the sets of two, three, and four, you can also enjoy a mini saber fight.

#4 Mug warmer

mug warmer
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Are you a caffeineaholic? The person who created this mug warmer must be one too. Otherwise, how well can you understand the pain of throwing out cold and old coffee? This is one of the most essential and best gadgets for all the coffee lovers out there.

#5 PopSocket

pop socket
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These little plastic things stick to your phone case and are totally adorbs! What makes it in the leagues of cool gadgets is that it also acts like a fidget as you can pop them up and down and even wrap your earphones around it. So handy!

#6 A digital coin counting jar

digital jar counter
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Remember that saying, ‘if I had a cent for every time I did so and so, I would have been a billionaire’? Well, this digital counting jar may not turn you into a billionaire but it will tell exactly how many cents you are closer to achieving your dream.

#7 Fabric shaver

fabric shaver
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Everyone hates lint on their favorite sweater, don’t they? Hallelujah! Because this fabric shaver will remove all that ugly-looking stubborn lint from your clothes. Get rid of all that pesky fuzz and make your fabric smooth and as good as new again.

#8 SleepPhones

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If you have trouble sleeping, then these SleepPhones are the cool gadgets you need. With these in ears, you can fall asleep anywhere. The gadget also blocks all kinds of noise and they are more comfortable to wear than earbuds. Easy to carry too!

#9 Silicone Garlic peeler

garlic peeler
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Is the reason why you don’t cook often is because of how difficult it is to peel garlic? And, the stinking smell. Ughh! Now you can’t make any excuses because the silicone garlic peeler is finally here. Pop, roll, and you’re done! One of the cool gadgets to have in your kitchen, won’t you say?

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