A Guy Lists Down ‘Rules’ Family Must Follow if He Is Ever Goes Into a Coma

A man’s unique ‘wish list’ went viral on social media that tells the rules he wants his family to follow if he ever goes into a coma.

Some people always prefer to plan things no matter what the situation is. One such guy is Paul Black. Black shares his wish to look his best even if he were in a coma. 

Black who is an actor and a writer, shared a list of ‘rules’ he wants his nearest and dearest ones to follow if he ever encounters such a situation.

The list of rules focused on grooming, food, and pop culture news.

“First of all I need a skin fade once a week, I don’t want anything that closely resembles sideburns or any unsightly growth – I’ve not got the facial structure for it.”

In the next one, he asks for bi-weekly pop culture updates from a “trusted source, preferably a gay man”.

“If Rihanna drops an album or Meghan Markle gets assassinated, I need to know. Even if I can’t hear you, my body will know, it will sense it.”

The third one demands apologies from anyone who’s ever wronged him and he clearly states that these must be in person.

Meanwhile, the fourth rule on the list is a “social media campaign” so that people don’t forget about him as he asks for no expense to be spared and requests a dedicated social media manager be hired and paid £25k a year to “keep his spirit alive”.

Image: Paul Black/Twitter

Black continues to share the rest of the list, saying: “Make A Wish Foundation, personalized messages from pop stars. Real pop stars, not local ones.

“Do not feed me under any circumstances, ok? This is my one shot at weight loss.

Include my comatose body in TikTok trends so I stay relevant.

Put a cigarette to my lips, I know I won’t be able to inhale it, but I want to know it’s there.

Image: Paul Black/Twitter

A GoFundMe must be set up immediately to make sure I’ve got money to buy new clothes for my skinny body and my various media interviews when I’m out of the coma.”

The final one reveals his desire of Lady Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica, to be played to him through his Airpods daily so he doesn’t forget about it. Because, obviously.

The video garnered over 400K views and bagged over 70K likes.

It also attracted hundreds of comments from people finding the whole thing hilarious.

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