Samsung Reveals Galaxy S20 Series, With 100X Zoom & 108 MP Camera

Samsung just broke all grounds of innovation by revealing its latest Galaxy S20 series, that finally brings 5G connectivity along with 108 MP camera to the market. Note that Apple hasn’t yet announced any plans to launch 5G-enabled phones this year.

At the annual product event in San Francisco, Samsung unleashed its latest flagship phones: Samsung Galaxy S20, Samsung Galaxy S20+, and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. They have also launched the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip – the future of foldable phones that finally works better than the ill-fated Galaxy Fold and Motorola Razr.

Galaxy S20 series comes with features never seen before

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The S20 series phones come in 4G and 5G variants – however, only the 5G variant would be available in the US, and people in the rest of the world can choose which version they want to pick.

S20 series boasts staggering features such as:

  • 8K video recording
  • 100x Space Zoom with 10x hybrid optical zoom
  • 108 Megapixel high-end camera
  • Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 and reverse wireless charging

In addition, it is equipped with ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor, IP68 certification for dust and water resistance, and 25W fast charging. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra supports 45W fast charging that can completely charge its 5000mAh battery in just 74 minutes.

With bonus Netflix, built-in YouTube Premium, XBox games and more

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Since Samsung Galaxy phones are 5G-enabled to offer faster streaming and supreme-quality – Samsung has entered partnerships with Netflix, Google, Xbox, Microsoft and many others to provide added value to the customers who buy the Galaxy S20 phones.

Here’s what users will be getting, according to the announcements:

  • Bonus Netflix streaming content
  • In-built YouTube Premium
  • Integrated Spotify
  • Bixby routines that allows you to automate the basic functions of your phone
  • Integrated Google Duo
  • Xbox game Forza Street, a semi-sim racing game for the first time on a phone

There is no Headphone Jack in the new Samsung phones

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Since Apple has already done away with the headphone jack long ago, Samsung follows suit by removing the headphone jack from its flagship phones altogether. Bad news for audiophiles, but good news for the minimalists.

To compensate, Samsung also launched the enhanced version of Galaxy Buds, called as Galaxy Buds+.

What’s new with Galaxy Buds+?

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Priced at $149, the Galaxy Buds+ are equipped with two-way speakers for better sound, three microphones for voice clarity, and an improved battery that lasts for 11 hours on a single charge.

There is also an additional app called Galaxy Buds which allows these truly wireless earphones to connect with iOS devices as well.

Samsung Galaxy S20, Priced at $999

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Samsung Galaxy S20+, Priced at $1199

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Priced at $1399

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The Galaxy S20 Ultra model also comes in a 512-GB variant, with 16-GB of RAM and it is priced at $1599.

Will Galaxy Z Flip will be all the rage?

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After the much-hyped Galaxy Fold flopped, Samsung has improved their design and come up with the latest foldable – Galaxy Z Flip.

It features ultra-thin glass and a tiny hinge system, that allows it to have a full display mode as well as a dual-display mode that essentially works as two separate screens. The external screen, when folded, shows the time and texts and notifications.

Galaxy Z Flip is anticipated to thwart the Motorola Razr which was panned by customers due to its low-end CPU and GPU and overall abysmal quality. It also has a bigger batter, larger screen, glass display, and Android 10 – and it costs less than Moto Razr so the buyers of Z Flip might just be hitting a jackpot.



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