10 Food Items Which Lower Your Cholesterol And Blood Pressure

foods to reduce cholesterol

Heart diseases are the constant pandemic of the 21st century. The sedentary lifestyle along with unhealthy foods has already triggered the biggest number of heart diseases in recent years than we have seen in our entire human history put together.

High cholesterol is one of the reasons – and it turns out that even if you are not eating high-cholesterol foods, your body can still produce cholesterol out of normal food that you eat. So what’s the way to control this?

There are some food items which can actually keep your cholesterol in check and will keep your heart healthy and running properly:

#1. Olives and olive oil


Many doctors and scientists have said that eating olives or olive oils can reduce the cholesterol in your blood, improve the blood flow, and boost the health of your heart. Compared to corn oil or palm oil or most of the vegetable oils, olive oil is the best option out there. Not to mention, it tastes even better than other oils.

#2. Avocado


Most people don’t even like avocado, but it’s a miracle fruit that will do so much good to your heart. It reduces LDL, the bad cholesterol which can block your arteries, and cause plaque buildup. And it increases HDL, the good cholesterol which helps in getting rid of the bad cholesterol from your body.

#3. Wild salmon


Most fish are incredibly healthy due to their healthy proteins and monosaturated fats – which are beneficial not just for the heart but also for brain health. Salmon and other fishes are loaded with Omega 3, the healthy fatty acid which lowers your cholesterol and your blood pressure.

#4. Onions and garlic

onions and knife

Onions and garlic contain a flavonoid called quercetin which is an antioxidant, this reduces the cholesterol and cleans up your arteries. This reduces the risk of your arteries getting clogged up and can prevent a fatal stroke or attack if you eat them regularly.

#5. Oats


Oats, bran, or any other kind of whole grains for that matter come with soluble fiber content that can block the cholesterol from getting absorbed into the blood. This is perhaps the most effective and natural way to keep your cholesterol low.

#6. Beans

beans curry

Legumes, lentils, or pulses – they have many names. But these seeds such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils come with low cholesterol and if you are eating only one serving of them in a day then it can reduce your bad cholesterol by a significant amount. They are also loaded with antioxidants which improve the blood circulation and fortify your heart.

#7. Turmeric

turmeric powder

A common staple in South Asian cuisines, this bright yellow spice has only recently been adopted in the west. Turmeric has magical properties since it is a potent force against inflammation and cholesterol. You can eat turmeric by putting it in your curry or gravy or lentil soup, and some people even use it in their milk.

#8. Soy

soy milk tofu and edamame

Whether you are eating tofu or soy milk or soy nuggets – all soy-based foods are incredibly healthy and nourishing. Soy contains phytosterols which are similar to the natural cholesterol produced by the body, and that is why the body absorbs less cholesterol and your blood remains free of the bad cholesterol that can block up the arteries.

#9. Almonds


Almonds and every other dry fruit are rich in healthy fats and fiber which get rid of the bad cholesterol in your blood and boost the level of the good cholesterol.

#10. Red wine

drinking red wine

Finally, a drink that we all can cherish. Red wine contains resveratrol which can prevent the damage to your blood vessels and it helps in healing them.

Red wine also reduces plague buildup and cleans the arteries by removing the bad cholesterol. You can also get the same benefits by eating dark grapes. But if you want to stick to red wine, make sure to drink less than two glasses a day because overdrinking can cause the alcohol to undo the good effects of the nutrients in the wine.



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