Fisherman Caught A Chinese Submarine In His Net, Media Accuses China Of Illegal Spying

In the midst of the global turmoil caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, civil unrest, and the rise of fascism – there are other threats looming over the safety of the world.

A fisherman in Indonesia caught a Chinese submarine in his net – and while this seems like a humorous accident, inconspicuous events like this can easily trigger global conflict. In fact, there is a possibility that it might lead up to a conflict.

Here’s what we know about China “spying” on other countries

The Indonesian fisherman named Saeruddin reeled in a submarine in his net near the Selayar Island in the Indian Ocean. He handed over the submarine to the local police immediately, who then transferred it to the military forces of Indonesia.

According to reports by the local media, the torpedo-shaped submarine was 225-centimeter long, it had a 93-cm long rear antenna, and camera-like equipment on it.

Indonesian security and defense analyst Jatosint said that the submarine was identified to be a ‘Sea Wing’ UUV (Unmanned Undersea Vehicle) from China.

Media has speculated that this means China is secretly spying in the disputed territory of the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

What about the time when the US Navy was caught spying in the Chinese sea?

US spying on China
Image Credit: The Drive

While the corporate-run media has been raging over the incident, referring to two other incidents when fishermen found similar equipment in the Indonesian archipelago – one big fact is missing.

In 2016, China had caught a spy glider from the US Navy that came extremely close to the Philippines. The US Navy glider was a part of the US Military Sealift Command ship called USNS Bowditch. During that time, there was pin-drop silence from corporate media outlets about the fact that the US was spying on a small country like the Philippines.

The People’s Liberation Army Navy from China had seized the American spy glider and then refused to return it. And that’s when the media escalated the issue – not when the spy was found in foreign territory, but only when they refused to return it.

This hypocrisy on part of corporate media fuels anti-China sentiments, and could very well propel us into another war.

This Chinese submarine is not even a surveillance glider, this is what it really is:

Chinese submarine sea wing uuv
Image Credit: Bulletin

Even though the war experts are making inflammatory claims, the Sea Wing from China is not a surveillance submarine. China has used Sea Wing UUV for oceanographic research, and it comes with sensors that measure seawater temperature, salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll, oxygen content, and ocean current changes.

According to a report by Naval Drones:

Developed by the state-run Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sea Wings were reportedly deployed in the Indian Ocean, Forbes reported in March. The report further said that 14 such UUVs were supposed to be deployed in the Indian Ocean region but only 12 were used.

The Sea Wing was tested in 2017 and it set a new world record by reaching a depth of 6,329 meters breaking the previous record of 6,003 meters that was set by a US vessel. It also swam 1,022.5 kilometers nonstop in 30 days during a test, setting a record for the longest time and distance covered by an underwater glider.



Featured Image Courtesy: Eurasian Times