Eating Bee Leaves Puppy ‘Buffed-Up’

A puppy discovered that it’s not a smart thing to eat a bee and his owner uploaded the video of him learning the lesson the hard way. The video on TikTok garnered 36 million. 

Seeing a puppy grow is undoubtedly one of the most heartwarming experiences and is enough to make you forget about the liability they can possibly be. 

Puppies might be annoying to owners but they always manage to win hearts and this is what happened TikToker @Mathiiiel posted a video showing his tiny black and white pup stretched out on the sofa as he captioned: ‘My dog thinking about that time he ate a bee and had to be rushed to the vet’.

Photo: @Mathiiiel/ TikTok

The next clip shows the dog being held as his cheeks and neck look inflated like a balloon giving his head a perfect round shape.

Photo: @Mathiiiel/ TikTok

The little guy fortunately made a full recovery as the owner wrote: ‘He’s shaking his tale so he’s fine’, showing it wagging furiously even though his ‘exotic’ taste test had gone wrong.

The video went viral with over 36 million views, nine million likes and a whopping 250K comments as people looked surprised to see the puppy’s temporary transformation.

One of the viewers commented: “I don’t know what I was expecting but that’s not it.”

Another shocked respondent asked: “WHY HE INFLATED.”

Another amused viewer stated: “OKAY BUT HE LOOKED SO CUTE SWOLLEN UP.”

Joking about the incident someone commented: “That fly was a little too spicy.”

Other comments called him a ‘baby panda’, ‘bunny’ and the list goes on.