Easy, Organic And Proven Ways To Boost Your Immunity

If there’s anything that can keep you from falling ill, it’s immunity. Your body’s immunity is a factor that keeps all the nasty colds and fevers away. However wonderful having good immunity is, thanks to the food scenario today, this doesn’t remain constant. Good immunity comes with the intake of healthy food. While most doctors may advise you to pop an antibiotic or chemical supplement, here are some organic and medically acclaimed ways to rock a strong immunity.

Honey And Turmeric

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Available in your neighborhood grocery store, these wholesome elements can keep the doctor away for good. Turmeric is used as a staple spice in the Indian kitchen and for good reason. The root has antibacterial properties and also has anti-aging properties. Similarly, honey is called ‘the elixir of life’. Honey and turmeric combined can help keep your immunity in top shape all your life. Try this simple remedy out, it’s easy and highly rewarding.

Salted baked Potatoes

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Who would’ve thought about this right? Well, turns out, there’s nothing really like salted baked potatoes when the flu pay’s your a visit. How it works is by the salt and starch content it holds. The salt deprives bacteria of food and creates a hostile environment for the infection; thus cutting out any progression of the flu. Just be sure to avoid sugary drinks and carbohydrates when down with flu. Sugar is food for bacteria. Just stick to salted baked potatoes for a day or two and your flu will be gone in no time.

Vitamin C

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Vitamin C is a non-negotiable requisite for your body. This is the key element that helps the absorption of calcium, protein and amino acids. Vitamin C is also responsible for the quality of your skin. A good amount of this vitamin will leave your skin and immune system in peak health.


Eat fresh & Eat Clean


Eating fresh and clean (pesticide and chemical free) produce is of pivotal importance for good immunity. Be it meat or vegetables, make sure they are organic and sourced from a reliable distributor. Ingesting chemical-laden fruits vegetables and meat takes a toll on your immunity. Also, over processed and canned foods are a big no-no if you want your immunity in top shape throughout life.


Natural supplements


An example of this is cod-liver oil capsules, vitamin E capsules, herbal tea (like sage and holy basil). You can choose from a variety of natural supplements in the market. Choose what suits you best and for this, I’d also recommend that you visit a good physician. Someone who’s more holistic in their approach to healing. A trip to a good nutritionist can also work wonder for you. Natural supplements like the ones mentioned here have no side effects on your body. In fact, they only strengthen your immunity.


Lemon water

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There’s nothing like a good glass of lemon water every day to keep you hale and healthy. Lemon contains the much-needed vitamin C and citrus that is required to keep your immunity in top shape. Regular intake of lemon water not only keeps diseases like the flu away but also revitalizes your skin and health. And drinking lemon water every day may just make you look younger.



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