10 Common Dressing Mistakes Men Should Avoid To Create A Better Look

While women invest their time and money in grooming their looks and outfits, men often do not pay as much attention to their clothes.

Unfortunately, a survey has revealed that women judge their potential male partners based on how they dress and how much effort they put into looking good. Another survey has shown that 63% of men do not put conscious effort into their outfits or appearances.

Here is a list of common dressing mistakes that should be avoided to achieve a sharp and smart look.

#1. Wearing a shirt that is not the right fit

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While there are some merits to wearing oversize shirts on some occasions, you should always wear your formal and semi-formal shirts in the proper way.

The shirts should fit your shoulders, not leaving too much space around your chest or waist, and the sleeves should be of proper length. This is why you should always get your shirts tailored, because it would be made to fit you.

Replacing an oversize shirt with a well-fitted shirt can transform your look from lousy to dapper in a snap.

#2. Closing the top button or leaving too many buttons open

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Fastening the top button of your shirt might be suitable during interviews and on formal occasions, but on every other occasion it is wise to leave the top button open. It makes you look more easygoing and fashionable.

On the other hand, leaving two or more buttons open looks inappropriate if you aren’t at a nightclub.

#3. Tucking your T-shirt in 

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You can tuck your polo T-shirts, but tucking any other kind of T-shirt into your jeans or sweatpants just looks tacky and makes you look older. T-shirt fabrics aren’t crisp enough so tucking them also spoils their texture.

If you are leaving your T-shirt untucked, your T-shirt shouldn’t be too long or too short if you want it to look good.

#4. Sleeves that are not the proper length

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Another reason why you should get your shirts tailored is that you can get the sleeves to fit just right. The right length for your sleeves is that they should cover just the top of your wrist – anything less or more does not look good.

#5. Keeping your phone, wallet and keys in your jeans pockets

Image Credit: Science Alert

Most men do this because we do not want to carry a sling bag or a pouch just for these essentials. But fashion experts advise that keeping your phone and wallet in your jeans obviously makes a visible bump which does not look good.

Instead, you should aim for a clean and sharp look even with your jeans and carry a shoulder bag or a sling bag to carry your essentials – it surely boosts the look.

#6. Keeping cash and coins in your pockets

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Imagine you’re on a date, and when the time comes to pay the bill – you take out a lump of notes from your pant pocket, sort them out, count them, and give them to the waiter. Your date is surely not gonna be impressed with that.

Always carry a wallet, it looks stylish – and you can neatly keep your money and cards and bills.

#7. Wearing sunglasses on the head

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This one is just a big plain no-no. Never ever keep the sunglasses on your head. Not only it looks tacky, but glasses get smudged because of any oil, gel or hair spray that you might have applied.

If you need to take off your glasses then put them in your pocket or hang them on the shirt.

#8. Wearing a tie too long or too short

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Ideally, you should wear your tie in such a way that it should just cover the tip of your belt buckle. If you can see the shirt below your tie, or if the tie covers your belt – you are wearing it wrong.

A smartly dressed person always remembers the golden rule of wearing a tie.

#9. Carrying a backpack while wearing a suit

Image Credit: Thread

This is often lazy dressing, but recently it’s also being promoted as an offbeat fashion choice. However, the ideal way is to carry a laptop bag or a dapper shoulder bag if you are dressed in a suit.

C’mon, if you can invest in wearing a formal suit then you might as well get a suitable bag to nail the look.

#10. Wearing a jacket shorter than the shirt

Image Credit: Quere

Nope. Don’t ever fall for the hipster trend of shorter jackets and longer shirts – a jacket should be either of the same length or longer than the shirt you are wearing underneath. This should be followed as a rule of thumb while dressing up.


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