11 Dank Memes For This Thanksgiving That Everyone Will Relate To

While Thanksgiving is a time for fun and festivities for some people, and a day for the Wampanoag and Pawtuxet tribe of Native American people to remember the tragic incident of 1637 that marked the beginning of ethnic cleansing and genocide. (I’ll take y’all into all of that some other time.)

For most of us, it’s a day when families get together, and they begin asking you questions about your career and studies and savings, and about your plans for the future. Phew! Tough times, isn’t it?

We have collected some very relatable Thanksgiving memes to help you get through the day, with some laughter and some smile.

#1. Donald Duck has now become one with the Turducken

Image Credit: Imgflip

What’s a turdecken, you ask? It’s a deboned chicken stuffed inside deboned duck stuffed inside a deboned turkey. Is it a real thing? Unfortunately, yes.

#2. Turkeys know exactly what to be thankful for

Image Credit: Patch

Not the vegans, not the people who eat gluten-free, non-GMO, organic stuff. Nobody is thankful for such people.

#3. That’s hate speech, Mr Chicken!

Image Credit: OnSumo

#4. Turkeys are intelligent after all

Image Credit: OnSumo

“Turkeys are beautiful, intelligent animals.” – Phoebe Buffay

“No, they are ugly, stupid, and delicious!” – Joey Tribbiani

Well, since Turkeys figured out something is up a day before Thanksgiving, Phoebe wins.

#5. Rest in gravy, Carl

Image Credit: OnSumo

#6. Quickest way to start a fight on Thanksgiving

Image Credit: OnSumo

Or better yet, eat the whole pie secretly. Leave some crumbs on your mouth and shirt. Claim you never saw the pie, you didn’t even know there was a pie.

#7. I’ll just leave this here

Image Credit: Reddit

With no comments.

#8. A real crisis

Image Credit: Twitter

This situation is dangerous and risky to get out of, unlike the staged “crisis situations” of Bear Grylls the Discovery channel.

#9. Ight imma head out

Image Credit: lolanigga_504

Jokes aside, divide the chores and do your part. Moms do a lot of work, well, most moms.

#10. If I had a penny for every time this happened

Image Credit: Me-Me

When you open the door, the little cousins be like: Do you got games on your phone?

#11. To be fair, Katy Perry did this to herself

Image Credit: Imgflip

Her “Bon Appetit” video might have raised some eyebrows, but her bathing in flour and getting seasoned with a liberal helping of vegetables gave rise to this meme that I’m thankful for.




Featured Image Courtesy: Imgflip

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