11 Times People Recreated Their Special Moment

Thinking good is good but acting good is better. According to research studies, even our body loves nostalgia, which is why recreating memories is better than just cherishing them and some of the artsy folks did exactly that.

Here are 10 of the best pictures of people who tried their hand at bringing their old photographs to life. 

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1. “I saw the apron while shopping and decided to remake a Christmas memory, 23 years apart.”

Photo: Deeplight / Reddit

2. “Some things never change.”

Photo: elizawatts / Reddit

3. “Recreating a very special moment. Third-trimester love.”

Photo: bindisueirwin / Instagram

4. “A recreation that we did for our Nana’s photo album.”

Photo: hanwestwood / Reddit

5. “My sister got married over the weekend, so we recreated this gem from our childhood.”

Photo: DominicOH / Reddit

6. “My family Christmas photo recreated 20 years later.”

Photo: NateTrib / Reddit

7. “My younger brother and I recreated some more photos from 2000 for my Nana’s 80th birthday.”

Photo: hanwestwood / Reddit

8. “Christmas – 1991 and 2019”

Photo: ChisAreLife / Reddit

9. “Well, we tried… Cousins. All born about three months apart. 24-year difference here.”

PHOTO: brenthonydantano / Reddit

10. “I got photos taken of me and my 13-year-old dogs to recreate some old ones for Christmas.”

Photo: emmazingxx / Reddit

11. “We recreated one of my favorite photos a few years later.”

Photo: kitterific / Reddit