COVID Toes: Strange New Symptom of Coronavirus Infection Found In Children and Teenagers

New and strange symptoms of Coronavirus have been surfacing with every new week that unfolds. Just on April 13th, Doctors found out that people infected with Coronavirus are losing their sense of smell, and now another much bizarre symptom has been discovered.

Dermatologists have found the new symptoms of Coronavirus infection, that as many as 20% of Coronavirus patients have shown that it affects the skin, especially around the fingertips and toes.

This condition is being nicknamed as “COVID-toes”.

What are these “COVID-toes”?

Image Credit: Global News

According to Dr. Kerri Purdy, who is the president of the Canadian Dermatology Association:

“They’re these painful red and purple bumps that tend to occur at the tips of the toes or on the tops of the feet, or on the tops of the fingers or tips of the fingers.”

Many other universities have discovered in their research that these red and purple discolourations of fingers and toes also come with popping fingers.

Skin infections have suddenly increased all over the world

Doctors all across the world suddenly noticed a high rise in the cases of skin infections, rashes, and discolourations after the Coronavirus pandemic broke out.

These kind of symptoms are sometimes seen during extreme cold of Canada and Norther Europe, but such skin infections during the warmer month of April are highly unusual and have never been seen before.

There are many other different types of skin rashes appearing, but Doctors aren’t sure how many of them are happening because of Coronavirus.

This happens because the Coronavirus is forming blood clots inside veins

Image Credit: BBC

Dr Purdy says:

“It’s felt to be maybe tiny blockages of the small vessels because we think COVID makes people have increased tendency to blood clots.”

First reported case of skin rashes came from Italy during the end of March, where it was found that 20% of the Coronavirus infected people also had skin discolouration.

After that, American Academy of Dermatology has been collating data from all over the world, trying to find out the number of rashes vis-a-vis number of Coronavirus infections and how they are related.

Skin rashes are pretty common with viral infections

Dr. Julia Carroll from Toronto, says that skin rashes are rather common with viral infections.

“I think it’s important for people to know that with any viral illness, we do tend to see rashes. These might be hives, rashes that resemble psoriasis, or come in other forms.”

It’s mostly affecting children and teenagers

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The strangest thing about Coronavirus and these rashes is that while Coronavirus has no severe symptoms in children and teenagers, the rashes are most likely to appear in only the younger generation below 20 years of age.

Although Dr. Carroll also says that is too early to conclude that Coronavirus infection is actually what is calling all these skin abnormalities.

It is a possible symptom, and that too an alarming one

Dr. Purdy, on the other hand, has said that Covid-toes and other skin infections should be added to a list of possible symptoms.

“But that’s the same for cough, for fever, first runny nose and headache. You know, there’s a bunch of causes of all those things, but I think it would be not unreasonable to add it to the list of things that people might be looking out for.”

While some people may consider this as not a confirmed symptom, but we need to know that Coronavirus has no confirmed symptoms – fever, cough, chest pain, breathing difficulty, loss of smell – all of these are not certain.

You can have these symptoms due to some other health issue, and it may not be Coronavirus.

You can have Coronavirus, but show no symptoms at all.

So if you have any new skin abormalities, rashes, infections, or discolouration – then it might be prudent to get it checked.



Featured Image Courtesy: Kiro-TV