Coronavirus Is Causing Male Infertility, Shocking Study Finds

Apart from all the dangerous outcomes of Coronavirus, there are many side effects of this virus as well. Recent studies have found that the COVID-19 is able to cause infertility in men.

What’s worse, male infertility due to this virus can happen even if you are mildly sick.

Sperm count reduces to half

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A study has found that the sperm count of men infected with COVID-19 had reduced to 50% in just 30 days after testing positive. Doctors also said that apart from sperm count, even the sperm motility was reduced. Sperm motility is the ability of the sperm cells to move by themselves.

Coronavirus can effectively hamper the ability of the body to produce sperm.

This is what the scientists are saying

Professor Allan Pacey, an andrologist at the University of Sheffield and former chair of the British Fertility Society, said:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if coronavirus caused a temporary drop in sperm production.”

Although it’s not confirmed yet whether this reduction in sperm count and the damage to the testicles will be long-lasting or permanent.

“People who get coronavirus are probably quite unwell, even influenza will cause a decline in sperm count temporarily. The question is whether it is permanent and whether it is recoverable.”

Is there a reason to worry?

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The research was conducted on many infected men – and while most of them recovered, some of them died. But there was a common thing observed across all patients – which was the reduction in sperm count. It was also seen that the Coronavirus is able to damage the cells in testicles that produce semen and generate the hormone testosterone.

The common consensus among scientists is that sperm production will be back on track after the infection is gone.



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