Could 2020 Be More Doomed? A Look Back At The Cursed Year

It seems that the year 2020 is cursed. Terrible, destructive events one after the other has wreaked havoc on the entire humanity. There is no way to know what else is in store.

The list below pointing out the disasters in this year will leave you pretty disturbed. Take a look!


Image Credit: Vox
  • More than 20% of Australia’s forest is lost to forest fires.
  • World War III is barely averted after US aggression against Iran.
  • Africa is plagued by unprecedented locust swarms.


Image Credit: E&T Magazine
  • The UK withdraws from the European Union.
  • Earth breaks all-time records as the Antarctic continent heats to 18.3 °C (64.9 °F).
  • Right-wing Hindus commit pogrom against Muslims in New Delhi, India and killed hundreds of Muslims, burned their houses
  • Li Wenliang, the Chinese doctor who first raised the alarm about a mysterious epidemic, dies of COVID-19.


Image Credit: WHO
  • COVID-19 is declared a global pandemic. Hundreds of thousands die. 
  • The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are postponed due to COVID-19.
  • Global public air traffic comes to a halt, as does international travel.


Image Credit: Medium
  • Mecca sits eerily empty, despite Ramadan.
  • The Pentagon releases UFO footage.
  • White people in the United States riot with machine guns and automatic rifles to get haircuts.
  • A wildfire in the forests around Chernobyl causes fallout radiation to spike 20-fold.


Image Credit: YouTube
  • Eurovision Song Contest is cancelled.
  • Microsoft breaks Windows via update, again.
  • Those locusts from before now sweep India and Pakistan.
  • In the United States, the murder of George Floyd by police sparks global protests against Police brutality and white supremacy.


Image Credit: MSN
  • In the United States, the protests against police violence continue as police continues to brutalize protestors and even non-protesting civilians. 
  • A new Ebola outbreak was declared in Mbandaka, Congo, where no cases had been found since 2018.



Featured Image Courtesy: USA Today

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