Is It Safe To Have Sex During Coronavirus Quarantine?

Coronavirus death toll has reached every country in the world now, and we are still clueless about how we can put an end to this deadly virus. In the middle of all this, most countries have sanctioned quarantine on the citizens, banned air travel and public transport, and suggested people to practice social distancing.

Now, the simple question comes to everyone’s mind is that how will dating work in this scenario? And if you are dating, can you kiss each other? Can you have sex?

Can Coronavirus spread through saliva, sweat, or any other kind of body fluid exchange?

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Well, we have found the answer for you and it is bittersweet, to say the least.

It has been suggested that people keep at least 6 feet distance from each other, and stay away from the range of someone who is sneezing or coughing. You are advised to not make any physical contact with any person.

And there is obviously no vaccine, no full-body condoms that will protect you from catching the virus.

Why the 6-feet distance?

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The social distancing has been mandated because most people infected by coronavirus do not even know that they are infected. Most infected people do not show any symptoms but they can still infect others.

If all of us keep away from each other, it helps to “flatten the curve” which means that the number of infections per day can be reduced. It gives the hospitals ample time to test people and eventually reduce the scope of this pandemic.

Coming back to the question of whether you can have sex during the quarantine times or not, the New York City Department of Health has released a booklet which tells you all you need to know.

Can you at least kiss?

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Beginning with the basics – we all know that Coronavirus can spread through cough, sneeze, direct touch, saliva, and mucus. The virus has also been found in the feces of the people who were infected.

Although, no traces of virus have been found in people’s semen or vaginal fluids.

But again, having sex means you get extremely close to the person and obviously there is going to be a lot of physical contact.

So that means you can’t kiss since it involves saliva at any rate.

However, there is a kind of sex that is totally safe. 

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Sex with yourself. Also known as masturbation, and it is the safest kind of sex you can have in the quarantine.

Reason being that you possibly can’t give yourself an infection – if you have it then you already have it, and if you don’t then bingo!

Although, make sure to wash your hands after you’re done, and sanitize everything that you may have touched during the masturbation – whether it is your laptop or mobile or any tools or toys or anything else.

Wash your hands for 20 seconds at least, until they are squeaky clean.

Here’s how to have sex with someone else

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The safest person to have sex is someone you live with, preferably your spouse or partner. But again, this idea can be considered only because since you have been living with this person – you know where they’ve been and what they’ve done. You have been seeing them all day, and you can spot even the minor signs of illness if your live-in partner is infected.

So if you feel that the person you’re living with does not have the infection, and if they are down to business then surely you both can knock boots and get to the metaphorical town in the bed.

And, always wear condoms and dental dams.

Try not to have sex with multiple people

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Or at least keep the number to a minimum, you perv. Make sure that you engage with only the people whom you know well, and if you can trust them to keep good hygiene and be cautious about their health.

Having sex with masks on?

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While most people have the misconception about masks and they have been making masks out of anything – even a bra. The truth is that no mask, even a surgical mask, won’t save you from getting infected or spreading the infection.

The N95 respirator is the only mask that is useful in a way that if an infected person wears it then they won’t be able to spread the infection to others. If a normal person wears it then they might still catch the virus.

On top of that, the N95 respirator needs to be airtight in order to work. Which isn’t possible if you wear the mask while performing sexual acts.

Switch to video chat and sexting

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Lay off the in-person dates for a while, seriously.



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