14 Most Crucial COVID-19 Questions Answered: All You Need To Know In One Place

As the Coronavirus cases and deaths keep climbing up in most countries – China has managed to stop the rise now. USA, Italy and Spain, on the other hand – have failed terribly to contain the infection and it is even projected to take almost 50 million lives within the next 6 months.

The reason behind the outbreak being worse in some countries such as USA and Italy is that most people are not even aware of some of the most crucial questions about Coronavirus. Most of the information floating around is abound with misleading facts.

Here we bring some answers to the most crucial questions people have, and clear all your doubts in one go:

#1. Can Coronavirus spread through water supply?

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There is no proof of COVID-19 spreading through water supply, pools, or hot tubs – since the water is always disinfected before bringing it into use. Chlorine and bromine are used to disinfect the water, so that all the bacteria and viruses in the water are killed.

So that means you can still drink the tap water.

#2. Can Coronavirus spread through food delivery?

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Food items are usually cooked at high temperatures so there is no chance of the virus surviving in them. Although, you should avoid ordering uncooked food such as salads and yogurt.

Even if you are worried that someone infected has handled your food, eating the virus won’t actually infect you. If the virus goes into your stomach then it is killed by the stomach acid.

The only thing you should be careful about are the delivery packets which you should sanitize immediately after getting them and then you should safely transfer the food to your own containers and then throw the packaging away. don’t touch your face before you wash your hands thoroughly.

#3. Flu has killed half a million people in just 6 months, then why are we scared of COVID-19?

Note: Images shows data only for USA

A very simple and basic reason is that Flu kills poor people who can’t afford medical help but COVID-19 is killing people of all classes and being rich will not save you because there is no cure, however expensive.

Even though COVID-19 is more contagious, the death toll is nowhere near the common flu.

Fact to note is that common flu and COVID-19 both are caused by two different types of Coronaviruses.

#4. How long do we have to do the quarantine and social distancing?

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Almost for a year, or maybe even more.  Governments could relax the lockdown protocols if the cases decrease, but that might trigger another wave of the outbreak – and we will have to enforce another phase of social distancing.

Doctors advise that the lockdown should be done in the phases of five months, every time. Even after the outbreak is over, you should practice social distancing and be careful at all times.

#5. Will the cases reduce during Summer?

Image Credit: Healthline

Most viruses don’t survive for very long in warmer climates but there is no such evidence for Coronavirus. In fact, Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in warmer countries as well – giving no indication that the summer season will be able to hold it down.

#6. Is Coronavirus spreading through mosquitoes?

Image Credit: India Today

While Indian celebrities have been spreading false information such as Coronavirus spreading through flies and mosquitoes – the truth is that it doesn’t spread via mosquitoes.

Coronavirus is a respiratory virus, that means it can infect you only if goes into your lungs via your nose or mouth – so unless an infected mosquito crawls up your nose and dies inside – you’d not be infected by a mosquito.

#7. How long will the virus survive on different surfaces?

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According to US National Institute of Health:

  • 72 hours on Stainless steel and plastic
  • 4 Hours on Copper
  • 24 hours on cardboard
  • 3 hours in aerosols

#8. Is there any way to safely visit a barber or dentist?

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Visiting a barber is absolutely out of question – since barbers touch multiple people’s faces throughout the day and barbershops are usually a breeding ground for germs.

You can visit your dentist only in the cases of extreme emergency, and after being sure that your dentist is using all the safety measures along with disinfected gloves and equipment.

#9. How to disinfect your groceries?

Image Credit: Science ABC

Wipe or spray the grocery packaging with disinfectant – and then transfer the contents to your own containers. Throw away the packaging. Wash the cans and packets which can be washed, others should be left alone for at least 24 hours before you touch them again.

Also, wash your vegetables and fruits thoroughly.

#10. Most countries don’t have enough medical supplies, why?

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Because most governments in the world such as the American and Indian government – constantly work to serve the interests of the corporate class – money is invested in frivolities like military industry or corporate bailouts while people are duped to believe that government is working for their benefit.

Governments have never invested money in public healthcare because they simply don’t care about you.

#11. Why can’t we find a cure yet? Is Coronavirus impossible to kill?

Find the answer here.

#12. Can a chemical body spray disinfect you?

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If you are infected then the virus is inside you and no amount of spraying will kill it. The chemical spray is only harmful for your eyes, ear, mouth, nose, and skin.

Also, common quack cures such as eating garlic, oranges, essential oils – don’t work.

#13. Can Coronavirus spread through products made in China?

Image Credit: CNBC

While product delivery is quite risky – a product made in China won’t be able to carry the virus all the way to your home. The package goes through several stages of packing and shipping and transport, and most of the times it’s not even touched by hand, allowing ample time for the viruses – if any – to die out.

#14. If you recover from Coronavirus, will you be immune to catching it again?

Image Credit: MIT Review

COVID-19 is very much like the common flu virus – both are coronaviruses. People recovering from common flu have a very short immunity and they catch the flu again – so if that is any indication that means you can catch COVID-19 again after recovering from it.



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