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Best Things to Stream on Netflix in July 2022

Will it be a sleepy summer or a monsoon season of sleeper hits? If you’re a fan of silly favorites like Bob’s Burgers (July 12), Hulu has you covered. If you’re looking for modern, family-friendly films, check out Don’t Make Me Go (July 15) and Anything’s Possible (July 15). (July 22). Anyone looking for a more blockbuster-style experience should look forward to Netflix’s release of the spy thriller The Gray Man (July 22). Every platform appears to have something for everybody next month.

Here are some of these greatest films, series premieres, and new seasonal changes of returning favorites that will be able to view on Netflix in July. Titles are listed in chronological order by premiere date.

1. Stranger Things 4 (Netflix) returns on July 1

The second volume of Stranger Things 4 looks like it will continue heading in an increasingly dark, high-stakes direction. The Duffer Brothers even teased a much “darker” finale. And there’s an ominous feeling that things might not go well. Now, whether they do or not, you’ll have to watch.”


2. Boo, Bitch (Netflix) premieres on July 8

Lana Condor was perfect for the feel-good To All The Boys… franchise, and I can’t wait to see her star in what seems to be a slightly raunchier teen comedy. Condor plays Erika Vu, a wallflower ready to close high school by finally making herself known at the big party with all the popular kids. There’s not a whole lot new about that set-up—until Condor wakes up to discover she is now a supernatural ghost. Antics ensue, I’m sure.


3. Don’t Make Me Go (Prime Video) premieres on July 15

Terminal illness, road trip scenery, and complicated father-daughter relationships. John Cho stars as a single father with a severe medical condition who chooses to take his teenage daughter Wally (Mia Isaac) on one last road trip to cram in as many good memories together before he runs out of time. Let’s get ready to weep, people. 


4. Rap Sh!t (HBO Max) premieres July 21

This new comedy from the Insecure creator follows two estranged friends from high school who reunite to make it as Miami rappers. Rae confirmed in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar that RAP SH!T was born from her original Insecure script:

“I think this is just such a unique time in hip-hop, especially for female rappers, because there’s such an abundance, and it doesn’t feel like they’re all competing.” Instead of pitting two strong women against each other, we are excited to follow two aspiring stars who make it in the music industry.


5. Anything’s Possible (Prime Video) premieres July 22

Prime Video bills Anything’s Possible as a “delightfully modern coming-of-age story” that follows a teenage transgender girl and a cute boy falling in love at school. Directed by Billy Porter (of Pose fame), the trailer promises a nuanced and much-needed representation of a high school love story for a trans girl. 


6. The Bob’s Burgers Movie (Hulu) comes on July 12

What a romp. We highly recommend showing up for the Belchers on the big screen, if you can. But if you miss out on The Bob’s Burgers Movie in theatres, Hulu covers you on July 12.

The Bob’s Burger Movie is a rewarding emotional experience for longtime fans of the show. While the movie should appeal primarily to devoted fans of the Bob’s Burgers TV show, it’s still a delightful film. Many fans will admit that this movie leans more wholesome than its laugh-out-loud funny. I’m OK with prioritizing heart over laughs.