5 Strongest Animals In the World

Many animals have abilities that even the most incredible humans can only dream of.

Different animals have different degrees of strength. Some people have brute strength and can lift, drag, carry, or pull enormous weights, while others could be smaller but powerful. Here are 5 of the world’s most powerful animals.

1. Dung Beetle

Scientists have worked out how dung beetles use the Milky Way to hold their  course

A dung beetle is not just the largest and most potent insect but the largest and most powerful animal in terms of body weight. They can pull 1,141 times one‘s body mass. It is the same as a regular person towing six double-decker bus services full of people.

2. Rhinoceros Beetle

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Rhinoceros Beetles can lift something 850 times their weight. To put this into perspective, if a human had the strength of the rhinoceros beetle, it would be able to lift a 65-ton object. If the mighty elephant had equal strength to the rhinoceros beetle, it could carry 850 elephants on its back.


3. Leafcutter ant

Ant Medicine even though their small they bring a big message

Tiny leafcutter ants can lift and carry something 50 times their body weight of about 500mg in their jaws. That’s the same as a human lifting a truck with its teeth. 


4. Gorilla

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A gorilla can lift something 2,000kg (as heavy as 30 humans), over 10 times their body weight.


5. Eagle

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An eagle is the most robust bird, able to lift something four times its body weight during flight.