Best Buying Guide To Help You Choose The ‘Smartest’ Phone

Are you looking to buy the best mobile phone? There is so much to consider than if it has a selfie camera or not. Spec like processor, price, operating system, storage, and battery are also important when buying the best handset.

Here is the ultimate mobile buying guide that will make it easier for you to purchase the best mobile phone.

What is your budget?

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The first thing you need to decide before you buy the best mobile phone for yourself is budget. You will find phones of all kinds on the spectrum. If you have a big budget, you can go for top of the range brands like Apple and Google. There are other popular phone manufacturing companies that offer decent prices without comprising with camera quality, screen size, or battery life.

Your requirement for a new phone is what should specify your budget. Whether you need it for browsing or looking for a professional camera, consider these things while making an investment.

Your budget to buy the best mobile phone should also depends upon how frequently you change your phone. With new exciting features and updates coming every now and then, it does not take much time for your phone to become obsolete these days. So, spend wisely.

Which Operating System to choose?

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Are you a huge iOS fan or Android lover? Once you have decided this, you have simplified one step to purchase the best mobile phone. Operating System is what powers your phone and there are mainly two contenders to choose from. However, both come with their pros and cons.

Introduced by Apple, iOS is easy to use and provide well stacked apps on app store. It has also got great memory management and are more secure. But iPhones are expensive and you will need to choose the memory capacity because they do not have an expandable memory option.

Android phones, on the other hand, are cheaper and easier to use. All big brands like Samsung, One Plus, and Motorola use Android. So, you have got an extensive range of options to choose from suiting your budget and needs. But they can also be more vulnerable to attacks and the updates are not available to users on time.

This is a quick peek into what is Linux OS and why is it so popular.

What specs to look for?

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Every buying guide for mobile will advise you to look for these specs before you purchase the best mobile phone:

Processor: Even though budget phones are coming up with amazing performance yet this is something you should not ignore. Snapdragon 835 is the best processor for gamers while A11 bionic processor in iPhone 8, 8+, and X is by far the fastest.
RAM: While 2 GB of RAM is a standard, you may often find 4GB and 6GB RAM on latest flagships.
Internal Storage: Do not settle for storage if you want to buy the best mobile phone. Any phone that offers less than 32GB is not worth investing in at all. With Android phones, you get an option for expandable memory but it may not be available in some devices.
Battery life: A phone is no good if it cannot provide you more than 10 hours of battery usage. Buying an expensive phone only to know that it requires charging every now and then is the worst decision ever. There are budget phones in the market that promise you a great battery life. Do check if it charges fast enough or not.
Camera quality: Can’t compromise with camera these days, can you? In fact, for most people, it is more important than the processor. If you really are keen about having a great camera, look for features like image quality, aperture, and speed beyond megapixels.

Hope this buying guide for mobile was helpful to you. May you buy the best mobile phone for you!



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