9 Surprising Benefits of Being Single That Make Couples Jealous

There’s this common idea that single people are jealous of the people in relationships, and the people in relationships are jealous of the single people – each set of people has something that other doesn’t.

While the people in relationships have companionship, intimacy, regular sex, mutual care and so on – the single people also have some benefits which are talked about very less.

We believe that singlehood is not celebrated often, which is why we have come up with a list of all the surprising benefits of being single. Check it out:

#1. You save time, energy and money

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This one is a no brainer. A relationship takes a lot of your time everyday – what with the constant calls and texts during work or school, and then meeting up and making plans that more or less you seem obligated to follow. Pursuing a relationship takes several hours of your day, most of your energy, and obviously a lot of your money.

Being single saves you from all that trouble, you have all the day for yourself and you can spend your money and energy into something that you want to do.

#2. You have more freedom

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Ever noticed that many people in relationships often change their dressing style, the way they talk and behave, and some even give up their favorite bands and books and food because their partner doesn’t like them?

Being single actually lets you be yourself truly and completely. You can wear the clothes that you like, you can enjoy your favorite food and music, get that weird haircut, go to that metal concert, and so on.

#3. You can focus on your friendships

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While dating, most people find so little time apart from their work and relationship that they are not able to do anything more. Most people fall out of touch with their friends, because they hardly find any time to talk or catch up with their friends.

Friendships are as important as any relationship, and single people can freely focus on having healthy and meaningful friendships that they can spend more time on.

#4. You are free to explore your life

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Being in a relationship quite often limits you severely. You look forward to settling down, you want to buy a house, you look for a permanent job – your life’s path gets pretty much fixed at this point. There will be very little deviation from this point onward, and you can’t experiment much.

But, if you are single – then the possibilities are wide open for you. You can move to some other place, you can experiment with your work, you can try out new things. The world is your oyster.

#5. You can work on self-improvement

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Since you have the time and energy and money for yourself, you can use these to your advantage. You can explore new hobbies, you can workout and improve your health, you can read more books, you can travel, you can write or paint, or you can just get more sleep everyday – the possibilities are endless.

#6. You can pursue your actual interests that make you happy

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While in a relationship, most people feel the compulsion to engage in the hobbies and interests of their partners and forget their own. Some people do it just out of insecurity and eagerness to please their partner, while some do it out of love – in either case, they give up what truly makes them happy.

As a single person, you can focus on your own interests – whatever they may be.

#7. You can pursue your personal goals

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Do you want to buy a car? Write a book? Create a band? Build abs? Travel the world?

You could pursue all your goals when you have the time and energy to spend on yourself and no one else.

#8. You have less responsibilities

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Let’s face it, life is hard. Almost all of us are dealing with constant stress, anxiety, depression, isolation and so many other issues. While being in a relationship for some people might be a good idea since you have someone to comfort you – but for most people being single is better to get through a difficult phase of life because then you have one less person to worry about.

#9. You can spend more time with your family

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Not only friendships, but relationships with family are also affected when people start dating. You get so little time that you fall out of touch from your parents, siblings and other family if you have any.

Single people can call their parents more often, and catch up with their siblings more frequently – just because they have the time.



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