Study Confirms Bad-Tempered Women Are Smarter & Make Better Leaders

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Being grumpy and bad-tempered might be considered one of the worst qualities in people, but it does come with its plus points as well. A research has Stanford University has shown that women with a bad temper tend to be smarter and have a more acute decision making ability.

Let’s discover how this works, in the rest of the article. For now, just remember to embrace your emotions – whatever they may be – and know that there is always a way to use them for your best interests.

Angry women have better memory, better focus, better logic

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Scientists from University of New South Wales and Stanford University, found in a research that women who usually have a bad temper also have better memories. They are able to recall incidents and facts from the past with more accuracy and vivid detail.

So the bad temper in women does not only facilitate a better memory map, but it also helps them take better decisions.

The difference between the bad temper of men and women, based on study of evolutionary anthropology, is that men get angry when they feel they aren’t being obeyed, while women get angry when they feel they are at risk. That is why a bad temper also makes women more aware of their surroundings.

Women with a bad temper focus better on not only what is happening around them, but also at what they are thinking and doing – and it aids in the decision making process.

This kind of attitude specially comes in handy while handling professional, business, or even social problems where cold-headed logic is the need of the hour.

On the other hand, cheerful people are more impulsive and less smarter

The research also involved cheerful people and tested them with various situations that required decision-making skills – and found that cheerful people tend to be impulsive rather than logical. Most of their solutions were not carefully planned or thought out. While facing a complex problem, cheerful people often messed up and took bad decisions.

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Famous writer Ernest Hemingway once said:

Happiness in the intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. 

While it’s an obvious truth that intelligent people are usually the ones who are more often worried or angry or even depressed – the happier people around you are the ones who happen to be not as intelligent or attentive. The converse of Hemingway’s quote is also true: intelligence in the happiest people is a rare thing.

Research also shows that a quick-tempered women are also great leaders

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While it might just be the result of a woman leader dealing with the entitlement and ego of the subordinate men in her team – causing her to have a bad temper and an aggressive attitude – research does show that moodiness in women is associated with superior leadership skills. It helps them get a better control and management of their teams.

But it is not healthy to be bad-tempered all the time, obviously

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While it is proved that bad temper and moodiness can help with intelligent decision making, it is not the kind of emotion you should be living with all the time. It can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression.

Experts advise to live most of your day being cheerful, friendly, and optimistic whenever you can.

And when you need to face a challenging problem, or make a hard decision – that’s when the bad temper comes in handy. It helps by improving your focus and attention to detail.

But the most important thing is to keep a healthy balance of all the emotions as all the emotions together make your personality and form your psychology. And people function the best when their emotions are working in co-ordination – each taking control only when needed. Just like in the Pixar film Inside Out.


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