Anti-hairfall Products Save The Day? This Will Make You Think Twice

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A woman’s hair is her glory, said a wise person. Honestly, woman or man, rocking good hair is somthing we all crave. Good hair is a sign of good health and great DNA. If you have great hair by nature, you probably are one of the few who hit a jackpot at the genepool. Given that we’re all born unique and have unique types of hair, present day life can do a lot to damage your lovely locks. Be them curly, straight or frizzy, today’s stress factor causes a lot of problems.


The anti-hairfall scene

You may have heard of male pattern baldness. This happens with excess produce of “death hormone” cortisol in sync with testosterone. When you take on too much stress in daily life, your body releases cortisol. a.k.a, the “death hormone”. Cortisol causes a heck load of problems to the body, the most visible damage being to your hair. Excessive hairfall, balding and a whole lot of other hair loss issues are based in the excess production of cortisol.

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Sadly, advertisers only promote goods to deal with the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease. Given the loss of hair you’re experiencing, it’s no wonder if you desperately reach out for anti-hair fall products that claim to be able to save the day. In fact, all they can do is control the symptoms. What helps them do this is a compound called “Finasteride”. While using such products may keep your hair from falling out to an extent. In fact, a scientific study proved the link between a host of body problems and the use of Finasteride. Even more so for pregnant women.

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is a compound, also known as Propecia; which is used in the prevention of Androgenetic Alopecia (Pattern baldness and hair loss).This compound generally taken as oral medication. The FDA approved drug came into function as Propecia in the year 1997.

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A simple explanation of how Finasteride prevents hair loss is through its nature of inhibiting testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone(DHT). While Testosterone is not bad on its own, its in relation with stress hormone cortisol that this conversion takes place. (DHT causes hair to fall out).

The truth about Finasteride

While the compound did not indicate adverse effects for men, it seemed to bring out the worst for women. The compound was taken by women from two groups. Namely: Childbearing age and Pre-menopausal age. These were the results of the study. (The study was carried out in Portugal in the year 2000.)

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After 1 year of therapy, there was no significant difference in the change in hair count between the finasteride and placebo groups. the scalp biopsy analysis did not demonstrate any improvement in slowing hair thinning, increasing hair growth, or improving the appearance of the hair.

At the end of the day, the only way to combat hairfall is by reducing your stress levels. The use of Finasteride though harmful to a majority was found to be efective in a few. What you must think before following a hair loss treatment is a thorough medical checkup and doctors consultation.

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