10 Photos Prove That Manufacturing Flaw Can Be Funny

Every scary doll isn’t Annabelle and not every set of misprinted letters on an object is a puzzle. In simple words certain things are results of a manufacturing flaw. So, even goods that happen to be produced in a particular pattern end up being pretty different from our expectations. And this is how certain ‘regular’ things turn into funny things.

In this blog we are sharing a collection of pictures of defective products that will possibly make you laugh during this difficult time. These pictures are proof that not everything can be fixed, so why not just laugh and keep moving!

1. Wait…that’s a 9 or 6?

Photo: TheOnlyRealTGS / Reddit

2. “The Incredible Shrek!”

Photo: DrLeee / Reddit

3. No…not that way

Photo: thebayallday / Reddit

4. Si…Si… Simpaaachuu!

Photo: Really_G_Neous / Reddit

5. Why don’t you look at me when I talk to you?

Photo: ClassyLion / Reddit

6. She is fine but…you know what I mean

Photo: yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeted / Reddit

7. What time is it?

Photo: felix1904 / Reddit

8.Customized to wash hands and feet at the same time

Photo: Regjohn / Reddit

9. A mirror or a frame?

Photo: tristram_shandy_ / Reddit

10. Where words fail, you gotta check the color

Photo: Anonymous / Reddit