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8 Ways How You Almost Missed Out Every Clue About Meghan Markle’s Second Pregnancy!

Whenever sparks begin around a celebrity’s pregnancy, we always get excited to seek the clues or know the inside story. We often feel more connected to the couple than ever, and in case of royalty, we are sure not taking our attention back.

Little did we kept playing the ‘Guess’ game from past few months, the royal married couple released an image and officially announced their pregnancy on the  Valentine’s day. And while the official due date has yet not been announced, let’s look back into some clues we missed indicating Meghan’s pregnancy!

1. Meghan’s Coat

In the late December of 2020, Meghan Markle was spotted wearing a fuzzy ‘Chateau’ Coat. It was surely for the cold month, but on closer inspection it seems that she was hiding her baby bump.

2. Meghan Postponing The Privacy Lawsuit

Meghan’s lawsuit dealing with certain associated papers for leaking her letter to her father’s hearing date was scheduled for the January 11,2021. Which apparently was delayed on the account of confidential circumstances. It won’t be until the Oct 2021 now giving us more so reasons why the couple could not risk the bump having its appearance.

3. Meghan’s Haircut

The lady who usually supports a sleek back or bun, was lately spotted at the Coach Core Awards with Harry, flaunting some very beautiful layers. We are no stylists, but can surely vouch for layers are only welcomed in life when you want to build attention off from other areas and onto your face.

4. Renovations At The Adelaide Cottage

A home gifted to the royal couple by Queen Elizabeth has also been a huge sign of their pregnancy. The house has reportedly been  under renovation for the arrival and welcome of the new baby and a bigger family.

5. Meghan spent quality time with family and friends

It is a said fact that a woman seeks to and should spend quality time around her own family during her pregnancy to ensure maximum care and comfort. Exactly what Megha did by spending some quality time with friends and family from across the lake.

6. Meghan’s outfit for Princess Eugenie’s wedding

When Meghan was spotted at the princess Eugenie’s wedding with 3 buttons of her coat open, it were a big pregnancy clue.

7. Meghan’s Ruffle Dress

Meghan is pretty big on structural dresses and fashion. When talking about her first pregnancy clue, her blue ruffle dress was indeed a very smart way to hide her little bump from the public.

8. Meghan’s Clutch

The best way to hide a baby bump is to carry accessories to hide it with. Exactly what the duchess did by wearing a pleated dress and a clutch at their friend Charlie van Straubenzee’s wedding in August 2018.