7 Ways To Keep Your Energy Levels High

You cannot be productive for the entire length of your day in the office. There will be times when you would feel your energy draining.  It could be the boredom at work or lack of rest due to late-night gatherings. Whatever it is, don’t let tiredness and exhaustion become a part of your routine. Here are a few ways to keep your energy levels high when you just can’t.

1. Amp up the volume

The reason why your energy levels are low could be not listening to any music. A day without music is obviously a dull day. Music is a drug that keeps your happy and high-spirited. Put on some happy jazz or EDM, whatever works the best for you to get you in a good mood.

2. Stretch

The best way to kill laziness at work is by stretching, and you can do that easily even while sitting on your desk. Side stretches, neck rolls, seated twists, and arching backward are some of the exercises you can easily do on your work chair. Add some breathing exercises to your routine as well.

3. Splash

Feeling sleepy? Go to the restroom and splash some cold water on your face because you cannot afford to let your boss catch you in the act of yawning. Coldwater will break your slumber instantly and leave you fresh and ready to work. 

4. Take a walk

The sluggishness may also derive from sitting for long hours at your desk and could indicate that it is time for a quick break. Taking a nice will instantly boost up your energy levels. Don’t make this walk to the coffee vending machine. Caffeine may give you a power jolt but it also wears you down.

5. Have lemon water

Instead of gulping down another cup of espresso, you should fix yourself with a glass of lemon water when feeling lethargic. Lemon water improves your mood by reducing the stress levels in your body. The negatively charged ions in lemon water maintain your energy levels throughout the day. 

6. Sniff some peppermint

Keep peppermint oil on your desk because if everything else fails, a sniff of peppermint will refresh your system for sure. Aromatherapy is an effective and proven remedy to increase your energy levels.

7. Socialize

When you feel lazy, know that it’s time for some water cooler talk. If none of the above things wake you up, some juicy gossip from your co-worker will. However, don’t waste your day chatting around in the office if you don’t want to get looks from your boss. 



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