Photographer Found People He Clicked 40 Years Ago, Clicked Them Again

Almost every one of us is fond of taking pictures, and the rise of the internet has put a stamp on it. However, we like others’ pictures only when they carry a strong emotion. A celebrated photographer Chris Porsz has spent decades mastering street photography. On his journey, he took many pictures of strangers in the early 80s’, and after 40 long years, Chris decided to find these people. He clicked them again and named the photography series comparing their old and new photos as “Reunions”. The series has been published as a book, and some portion of the money earned by Chris will be donated to breast cancer research.

So, this article is all about appreciating this amazing photographer’s work and how time flies! Take a look!

1. In 1989, this guy worked as a street cleaner. In 2020, Chris Porsz took a photo of him with his new cleaning machine.

2. Chris took a picture of this guy next to his neighbor’s car in 1980. It wasn’t easy to find a similar Ford Cortin? in 2021, but they managed to do so.

3. A friend asked Chris to take a picture of his sons. That’s how they look now.

4. In the 1985 photo, this is how the girls celebrated graduating from school. In 2021, they did the same again.

5. The grip is still firm.

6. Siblings in 1991 vs 2021

7. Friends reunite where they used to live in 1980.

8. The nurses: eating in 1983 and 2020.

9. The ice cream man and a customer: 1982 and 2021

10. Dad and his daughters: 1994 and 2021